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    In a message dated 12/1/2002 8:54:06 PM Eastern Standard Time, Kathy1024 ... In a message dated 11/30/2002 1:51:57 PM Eastern Standard Time, ... I ve recently
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      In a message dated 12/1/2002 8:54:06 PM Eastern Standard Time, Kathy1024 writes:

      I've found for myself that writing a lot of notes didn't help because I
      lose the notes.  I've learned to keep a notebook and write all notes to
      myself in it.  (In the front of the notebood, I've listed my "user
      names" and "passwords" too, because I can't remember them.  I can draw a
      line after a day's notes and start a new day.  I use a highlighter to
      mark off completed things -- makes it easy to read what was done, and
      makes it easy to see what has not been completed yet.  I can write in
      the date I, for example, wrote a letter, to help me know that I really
      _did_ something, and didn't just think it.

      I've recently started keeping a spiral notebook, where I jot down numbers, imp. things to remember etc.  If I forget anything, I just refer to the notebook.  I have instructed my family not to touch it.  I also log in everything I do during the day.  Calls  and appts. I make, etc.  I don't know why I hadn't done so before, but it does make a difference for me.  I keep my my appt book and reminders separate/.  Some days I don't jot anything down, but when I do, it makes a huge difference.

          I have also learned to prioritize.  Now for the holidays, because I can get so stressed out, I now start shopping and saving early for the holidays.  I store things in my closet during the year.  I also realized that the importance of the holidays is to be with special people you love and to share those moments together with loved ones.  If I don't have a certain gift for someone, I will just give a rain check.  People understand these things.
            When having a conversation with someone, if I forget what I was talking about, I change the topic very casually or create a distraction by diverting  the attention somewhere else.  
            So how about it guys, let's enjoy the holidays and not get stressed out because we haven't done all the baking we promised we were going to do, or all the decorating we swore we would have up by thanksgiving. (yes I am talking about myself!)  I have been surprised to see myself so relaxed while my house is topsy turvy because of delayed renovations and circumstances beyond our control.    So what!  I've got brain tumors to worry about!  And if I can get by day by day without allowing this disease to make my life a living hell, I think I'll be OK.
      I will be going to see my parents in PR and my grandma who just had a hip replacement in PR, and also my cousin's 50th wedding anniversary.  Will be offline for about 11 days. 
      Happy shopping.
      Love ya all,
      malignant meningioma

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