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NBTF and potential neuropsychological symptoms after brain surgery

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  • anne91547@aol.com
    Dear BT friends, I am sending this old article again about Preparing for Possible Neuropsychological Consequences After Brain Surgery by George P. Prigatano,
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 3, 2002
      Dear BT friends,
            I am sending this old article again about "Preparing for Possible Neuropsychological Consequences After Brain Surgery" by George P. Prigatano, PhD. from Barrow Quarterly, Volume 11 number 4.
      I was trying to send a copy of Dr. Prigatano's newest article prepared for a Dutch Brain Injury Association after two meetings in Amsterdam and Paris in 2000. in Barrow Quarterly, Volume 18, Number 2, 2002 to you all called "What Do Patients Need Several Years After Brain Injury?"  Keywords: brain injury, neuropsychological rehabilitation
      But apparently it is not online yet at the www.barrow.com website.
      I have the printed copy here at home.
            Unfortunately, I also could not find any mention of the NBTFoundation Joint BT Conference on their Barrow website calendar or in the printed copy of the Barrow Quarterly yet either.
      How soon will local PHX residents find out about it? It is not mentioned in the printed version of the Barrow Quarterly with the other fall Barrows Conferences either. What a shame, perhaps a location has not yet been finally determined in PHX, but I know it is scheduled, because I just won the raffle drawing for free registration to the NBTF BT Conference at the June 25th, 2002 monthly brain tumor support group meeting at Barrows.
      Please Go to http://www.braintumor.org/ and look under conferences.
            I hope the BIA-AZ will be able to get this information online soon too. My own personal frustration level with out-of-date computer support group contact and event information and old links on my screen at point of delivery of service for me and other new brain injured patients has reached a new all time high this year!  GOD help me!   &:>)  I may have some impaired self-awareness of hours and time passing, but this is months old, and not really funny or minor to me!  Please forgive my constructive criticism, my husband says it is still my worst trait after thirty-five years!  Hehehe!
            Please have a wonderful Fourth of July Holiday and let me know how soon this information will be available.   

      GBYAY Anne McGinnis Breen
      Surviving and thriving after two craniotomies, confidently driving, regularly walking, always talking, traveling, working, reading, thinking and computing online since 1993
      Diagnosis: left temporal lobe, medial sphenoid wing meningioma, 5 cm diameter, behind left eye, first surgery October 1986, age 39, Tucson, Arizona,
      Then "clean" MRI scans for five years,
      (ALWAYS GET at least ANNUAL MRI's after any bt diagnosis or treatment)
      Then MRI documented regrowth while watchful waiting four more years 1992-1996,
      Then NCI SWOG 9005 Phase III,  Mifepristone for recurrent meningioma,  2 by 3 by 3.5 cm stable, three more years, no change documented by MRI, 1996-1999  
      Then second surgery by DR  Robert Spetzler January 2000, age 53 at Barrow Neurological Institute, Phoenix, Arizona, because of results of CTscan October 1999 showing clear hyperostosis and bony involvement of recurrent tumor involving left orbit, and left temporal lobe region, medial spheniod wing or ridge, near optic nerve, causing the proptosis of the eye (increased bulging of eye ball and puffiness around eye) and optic neuropathy (blurring of vision in left eye).
      Follow-up MRIs June 2000, Jan 2001, June 2001 Jan 2002, June 2002 currently show some increasing enhancement of the area approx. 2 cm, which is residual tumor, I am simply watching and waiting again with my doctors approval. NO new symptoms. IMRT recommended follow-up, but not yet ready.
      Treasure your Mind, Cherish Your Reason, Hold to Your Purpose.
      KOKO! Means Keep on Keeping ON!

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