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Brief chat with Hillary

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  • Camachoent@aol.com
    Hi mates, You guys know how forgetful I ve become after all the surgeries I ve had. Mainly, short term memory loss which daily reminds me of my deficiency.
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 9, 2002
      Hi mates,     
            You guys know how forgetful I've become after all the surgeries I've had.  Mainly, short term memory loss which daily reminds me of my deficiency.  Anyway, today I was at the Puerto Rican Day Parade and was able to briefly speak to and shake hands with Sen. Hillary Clinton.  Guess what I talked to her about,( or at least tried to anyway)! - You got it -- S2558.  Actually, my direct question to her after briefly telling her my story, was if we had her support for S2335 or some totally unrelated number.  I knew I had her attention when she lovingly corrected me and told me "S2558--YES,  YES" and then nodded.  Then I said something like "Yes, that's it!'  It was a little embarrassing to have forgotten the number of the bill, but by the same token, at least she was able to see first hand how tumors actually affects patients mentally LOL!   She got the message!  Anyway, that made my day.  I had first reminded her of our luncheon last year where she had promised her support.
            In addition, on Thursday I was excited to personally be able to hug and thank my representative, Jose Serrano, in Gracie Mansion for his support as well.  It was quite a productive weekend!
      malignant meningioma, surgeries, "79, '82, '83 - Columbia Pres. Med Ctr. NY ; Radiation Therapy 1983 Col. Pres. Med Ctr. NY;  Surgeries, '91, '96, '99, NYU  Medical Center; Alternative therapy, Dr. Emmanuel Revici, NY, '95, ; Alternative Therapy-St. Joseph's Medical Center, Matamorros, Mexico.  Gamma Knife, 1-15-01, NYU.            
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