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Re: Mike and Sue, Mary Lou and others on line, I keep you all in my M-ind TOO.

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  • anne91547@aol.com
    Dear Mike and Sue, Mary Lou I m thinking of all of you, and all our recent new readers. Keep your chins up and smile too, especially on your doctor visits, I
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 9, 2002
      Dear Mike and Sue, Mary Lou
            I'm thinking of all of you, and all our recent new readers.  Keep your chins up and smile too, especially on your doctor visits, I think it really does increase our face value, and makes a good impression for us with the doctors. we all want to be the best patients they have ever had...  LOL I wish I was always as good at following this sound advice, as I am at giving it. LOL &:>)  I think I am just writing it more to read (hear) it myself tonight to strengthen my own will power and to reinforce my own hopes to live well and keep on smiling, than I am writing it to convince any of you dear email buddies. Many of you seem to know how to do this consistently much better than me.)   
            I am also thinking of our dear email buddy, Meningimate Delia C. in New York City too.  Her indomitable spirit, great faith and many previous past posts to this list have always been an inspiration for many of us long-term readers and bt survivors.  She was with me in Washington, DC last May, speaking out for BRAIN TUMOR AWARENESS WEEK and I saw her again at the New Jersey BT Conference last October.  Her bright shiny smile and vivacious, tiny, feather light frame is so full of life and energy.  She is a bright star to follow in spite of having had six previous surgeries plus one radiation treatment in the past twenty years for her aggressive recurrent meningioma.  She has bounced back after serious hospital rehab therapy several times and keeps on dancing and singing with her family.  She goes for her Gamma Knife treatment for her recurrence now on next Tuesday, January 15th, 2002.
             I spoke to her today on her lunchbreak at work.  Please keep her precious spirit and mind in your thoughts and prayers too.

            I read in the HEADS UP newsletter that The Brain Tumor Society has many of the informative NJ October 2001 BT Conference handouts available for free by calling 800-770-8287 x13 or by emailing
            SAVE THE DATE- The next TBTS Boston patient/family bt conference will be Friday and Saturday, September 20-21, 2002 at the Boston Marriott-Quincy, Quincy Mass.

      (Which happens to be MY BIRTH PLACE...and five days after my birthday...truly the least of all things to be considered ... but still remarkable on my new 2002 calendar to me. SMILE! My first born son's birthday is September 19th too LOL &:>) (It seems my extraordinary ability for rambling tangental thinking and talking is better than ever tonight!  Hehehe! lol  <- a little chuckle to myself here, see how little it takes to amuse me some times!  I have to laugh or else I might give up!

            Free NJ October BT conference video tapes are also available through the generosity of the Musella Foundation for Brain Tumor Research to be found at www.virtualtrials.com/video.cfm  
               Many Thanks are due to Al Musella for making clinical trial information more accessible to bt patients and their families and friends at his www.virtualtrials.com website.  Please look there for lots of unbiased reliable bt medical information if you have some reading or surfing time to spare.

      GBYAY Anne McGinnis Breen
      Surviving and thriving, two craniotomies and clinical trial, NCI SWOG 9005 Phase III
      (IMHO ALWAYS GET ANNUAL MRI's after any diagnosis or any treatment)
      recurrent left sphenoid wing meningioma, behind left eye, two surgeries and a clinical trial, first surgery 1986, age 39, Tucson, Arizona, and second one, January 2000, age 53, Barrow Neurological Institute, Phoenix, Arizona
      KOKO! Means Keep on Keepin ON!

      Treasure Your MIND, Cherish Your REASON, Hold to Your PURPOSE
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