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Re: [Box-Art] San Francisco Airport-Runway 1R [4 Attachments]

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  • C. Bibbee
    Christian;    Great photos.    I ve never heard that adage before. My (fairly consistent) use of aircraft is a habit gained from writing official
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 1, 2009
       Great photos.
       I've never heard that adage before. My (fairly consistent) use of "aircraft" is a habit gained from writing official reports. Besides, other than in the carpenter's shop, one encounters "planes" in geometry (of the two-dimensional kind) as well as on the bow, stern and/or fairwater of submarines (ask the Chief). I like to avoid confusion, as I'm naturally fairly confused anyway. ;-)
       With knowledge gained comes a certain level of precision in speech; as E.E. "Doc" Smith observed, specialists can't really communicate in basic English. Speaking personally (as a former ballistics lab geek) one of my pet peeves is the use of "bullet" to mean an entire round of ammunition. The bullet is just the projectile; the whole thing is correctly termed a "cartridge". As Jeff Cooper once observed;
       "The bullet goes into the barrel,
        The cartridge goes into the breech.
        As you always take care with apparel,
        Take equal care with your speech."
                                                                                                       Carl B.

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      Subject: [Box-Art] San Francisco Airport-Runway 1R [4 Attachments]
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      Date: Monday, June 1, 2009, 12:39 AM

      Here are some shots of the famous viewing area that I'm always barkin'/whining about. As you can see, it was a "Plane Spotters"... ahem...I mean, "AIRplane Spotters" paradise.
      When I was very young, I was told that "Real Aviation People" or enthusiasts NEVER said "Plane"...Plane is too generic & "Plain"...A plane is something you run across wood to shave it down...a "Plane" is something you "Take" to go see Aunt Myrtle in Pittsburgh, because the train is too slow...

      Myself personally, I've never cared for the term "Plane" to describe an "Aircraft", "Aeroplane, "Airplane", or "Queen Of The Sky".
      Is there any "Truth" to this old adage, or has anybody ever heard of this "Plane/Airplane" debate before???
      Anyway, this viewing area; I can't seem to get a confirm or denial from folks as to whether it's still there or not. In the 1960s, it was just a dirt patch, and in the mid 1970s, right when we were getting ready to move to the NW, the area was paved, a few really nice trees planted, and the place became somewhat of a tourist attraction.
      For me, it was like a park, or a "Playground" , if you will.
      PS-PLEASE, personal use for these photos only; I don't want the Airliners.net goons jumping in my shorts in case the pics get traced back to me, and also, out of respect for original photographer.

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