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Nice formation-Faller Airliners-Free Download

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  • Christian Bryan
    AWESOME!! I mean... Oh boy ! :-) This holiday morning, all the boxsters who have spent many a boring afternoon and evening all these years, scanning their
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 1, 2008

      I mean..."Oh boy"! :-)

      This holiday morning, all the boxsters who have spent many a boring
      afternoon and evening all these years, scanning their boxes over to
      us, etc, are going to get at least a little bit of "Cerebral
      payback", maybe. :-)

      "Hey; all that Chris guy does is snag 'em out of is inbox!! He
      doesn't sit there and watch dry paint do nothing for hours on end
      while the scans commence...Our hearts bleed!"

      Well, you guys can all rub your hands together with at least a small
      amount of satisfaction & devilish glee today.

      Spent the whole weekend doing high res scans of tons of stuff; I only
      have this pile "In house" for a few days, and I'm trying to get as
      much done as possible.

      So at least I'm in the trenches. :-)

      Our FREE DOWNLOAD this week may induce quite the introduction from
      our Mr. Aker this morning, as I'm quite sure this was his very first
      model, and nobody ever forget's the first one!

      In a few hours, we're going to see the legendary Monogram TBF Avenger
      box, in ORIGINAL, and VERY CLASSIC "4 Star Plastikit" '50's box art!

      I'd say the two words, but once a post is enough. :-)

      I think the TBF or TBM was what his Dad flew during WW ll, and I know
      this kit is at the very least one of the "Special ones" for him.

      We may be having to make some major changes to the website due to
      host limitations, and Jean took care of the ENTIRE operation of
      backing up our files, in case anything is lost in a potential
      transfer, that we don't know yet will happen or not.

      A huge and monotonous task, this added at least a couple more stripes
      to his career, and was an ENORMOUS help, brought me alot of peace of
      mind, etc.

      And apart from all that mush, I DIDN'T HAVE TO DO IT!! :-)

      So I figured the Avenger art this morning was the least I could do;
      be a welcome treat, especially in the "Right" box and everything.

      Like so many kids, I built at least one Mono 1/48 Avenger as well; of
      course, I'm the "Blue Bordered Box" era of the mid/late '60's.

      For some reason, it's the Curtiss SB2C Helldiver that sticks out the
      most; maybe the torpedo on that launching fork was what separated
      this kit from the standard "Bomb bay", etc.

      THIS I do recall; I didn't know it at the time, but I couldn't figure
      out why you didn't paint the underside of the foldable parts of the
      wings gull grey, but rather did them Navy blue like the upper

      It's because when they're folded, you don't have light grey sticking
      out like a sore thumb, viewed from above, right???.

      Jean, Carl, & Ken Palmer will be all over this, I'm sure.

      The Faller airliners;

      All three of them (CV-440, Viscount 800, & Caravelle) had two box
      variations each; you can see all six of them at our website. :-)

      As far as the value, Michael, Rick, Ken, Christos, etc, would be more
      up on this than I would at this time, and I'll have to look again at
      the Convair that Rick found, but it's entirely possible that one of
      the boxes (More than likely it's the first one) was very short lived,
      hence the higher value.

      But yeah; when you hear "Faller", you think railroading accessories,
      HO Swiss Chalet's, etc.

      Out of the three airliners, I think the CV-440 has the neatest box,
      and is actually very nice art I think. Alot of warm grey pastel hues
      that you see in alot of German artwork, etc.

      The kit inside isn't quite the same deal (I'll yield to Christos &
      Michael for their imput here) but they are neat for the vinatge
      appeal, and at least a "Semi-oddity", in the world of kit collecting,
      and getting more rare all the time. :-)

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