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AD: Sticks N' Stitches with the Colorado Avalanche January 31, 2009

I wanted to be sure everyone knew about the upcoming Sticks N' Stitches event coming up at the end of the month. It's a fun time to get together with fellow
Jan 14, 2009

Getting together

I hope this email goes through! I have just changed it to dg3909@... I don't know if the yahoo group accepts outside emails. We'll see... Kayla (and
Nov 14, 2008

Re: get together

I certainly understand busy, but geez, how big a deal is it to pick a restaurant and a couple dates for folks to choose from, and share a couple of hours
Nov 9, 2008

Re: Final Get Together

Diane, Spring sounds find to me. I take it you got the job. Penny
Penny Hause
Oct 27, 2008

Re: Final Get Together

I think you told me there's about $86 bucks in the treasury? On Oct 27, 2008, at 9:12 AM, emily werner wrote: sounds fine. do ya'll want to know how much $ we
Diane/Gary Carlson
Oct 27, 2008

Re: Final Get Together

sounds fine. do ya'll want to know how much $ we have? Talk to you in the spring. emily
emily werner
Oct 27, 2008

Re: Final Get Together

Hey you guys! Whoever's still on this list... I gotta be honest. I just can't plan a thing right now!! Could we do something in the Spring?? -Diane On Oct
Diane/Gary Carlson
Oct 24, 2008

Re: Final Get Together

Diane: It is probably a good idea to email folks individually. I can make most Thursday nights after 4:30pm, most Monday nights, occasional weekends. Why not
Oct 13, 2008

Re: final get together

Hi Kayla! Looks like there's a few of us still on the mailing list. I may have to just set a date, and maybe a restaurant in Boulder, and we can all meet
Diane/Gary Carlson
Oct 7, 2008

Re: final get together

Hi All: Gee, I have missed you alot, and yet, I have been too busy to have made any meeting this summer/landscape season. But, I DEFINITELY want to have a
Oct 5, 2008

Re: hi there, hey there.

Hi Emily and anyone else who's still on this list! I've been thinking about this last get-together, but dang, things are so busy!! With homeschooling my
Diane/Gary Carlson
Sep 27, 2008

hi there, hey there.

so the weather has definitely warmed up... and cooled down, and warmed up again. and we never organized a final get together. i'm wondering if i could get some
emily werner
Sep 27, 2008

Re: update

THanks Emily, -Diane On Apr 13, 2008, at 9:00 AM, emily werner wrote: i erased the meeting reminders from the calendar. i also added a note to the begining of
Diane/Gary Carlson
Apr 16, 2008

Re: Our last hoorah

Hi Kayla, I'm sure that whatever we decide to do, we'll give everyone a two week notice. I understand how it is for you during the warm weather months -
Diane/Gary Carlson
Apr 16, 2008

Re: Our last hoorah

Hi all: I agree that we should get together for a last hoorah. With $87, we could have a nice dinner together, divy up the left-over needles/yarn, and have
Apr 13, 2008
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