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197Funny Book about Botswana

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  • kippcv2011
    Feb 13, 2012
      Africa Lite?: Boomers in Botswana

      Kip Doran (PCV Bots 09-11)says DO NOT READ THIS BOOK….
      until you want to be inspired by Botswana, Africa and the Peace Corps while spending the day laughing out loud.
      This is an inspiring chronicle of PC work with the joys and challenges of Boomer Generation service. More than that, the author relates the story of a fictional newspaper, the Kalahari Khronicle, of which he is the editor. Written in a laugh-out-loud style reminiscent of Dave Barry, the Khronicle articles provide hilarious observations on American and African culture. Paperback and E-book available at amazon.com and barnesandnoble.com (E-book is only $3.99 What a bargain!)