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311A video meeting of interest to TMG users

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  • Edward Feustel
    Jun 4, 2014
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      Members of the Arlington RUG will be able to join the meeting on Saturday Morning, June 14th using the video application "join.me" (a free application) at home. Arlington Roots Users Group membership is $15 per year.  I think those who attend the Boston Area TUG might be very interested in a quote from the Arlington RUG monthly newsletter:

      "In June Terry Reigel, the author of A Primer for the Master Genealogist, will conduct both RUG sessions remotely via join.me. With Microsoft ending formal support for its XP operating system, many people must migrate to another operating system. Terry Reigel will discuss the steps to consider when moving TMG data to a new operating system. His guidelines should be applicable to anyone who will be migrating to a new computer. As always there will be opportunities to ask questions. Terry’s second session will focus on the features available in TMG v9. By participating in this discussion you may learn how these new TMG v9 elements can improve your sentences and reports."

      Ed Feustel