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310notes from our meeting - Pennsylvania deaths online

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  • linda_music123
    May 21 5:25 PM

      As many of you might know, Pennsylvania is gradually opening up their death - and birth - files online.

      You can see them on ancestry.com, but I think the indexing is not the best.

      Chuck Vanasdalan, one of our members, has supplied links to the index and to the files on ancestry:


      Here are the links To the Pennsylvania Death Certificate Index and to the Ancestry.com database.


      Pa. Death Cert. Index




      Note Pennsylvania also has limited Birth Certificates available. The waiting period for births is much longer than for deaths. Click the links on the referenced page.


      Ancestry Pa. Death Certificate Database




      I'm not exactly sure of the schedule, I think all of the files will be available by August or September....

      Happy Hunting

      Linda Reinfeld