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  • John Cardinal
    Apr 14, 2007
      I sent this message to everyone on the original CC: and TO: lists because it does not appear that most people have joing the BostonTUG group.
      A comment on the BostonTUG group: Membership in the group is moderated, i.e., new members must be approved by a moderator, and I think that's appropriate. I also think messages sent to botsontug@yahoogroups.com should only be accepted from members, but I am not sure if that is how the mailing list is configured at this time.
      Regarding the cost of renting the meeting room, I understand why the NEHGS would charge a fee. $42 seems very reasonable, and I appreciate the 50% discount and waver of the minimum charge.
      On the other hand, there are two aspects of the rental which surprised me. First, leaving the room in as as-found condition, like returning tables and chairs to the initial state, makes sense. I think the renter should assume some responsibility for basic cleaning such as vacuuming the carpet. I was also surprised by the requirement that the renter assume legal responsibility for "damage to property or injury to any person occurring directly in connection with, or as a direct result of negligence or omissions of the client, its employees, agents or guests." I'm no lawyer, but that seems to mean that if attendee "A" accidentally trips attendee "B", the renter may be a legal target if attendee "B" decides to sue. I suspect that's not a big concern because in our case, the renter has no assets and organizations with no assets are not typically legal targets. Still, it gives one pause. I wouldn't want my personal assets jeopardized by participating in some way in the space rental.
      My experience in this area is limited to reserving meeting rooms, usually at hotels, for business meetings. In those cases, there was no similar requirement on the part of the renter; the hotel was offering a service, getting paid for it, and presumably having insurance was part of the cost of doing business borne by the hotel.
      If we are going to pay for meeting space, I wonder if we should check prices at hotels and other facilities. Personally, getting in and out of Boston, finding parking near NEHGS, and paying for parking, are negatives associated with the NEHGS space. The space is wonderful, overall, and would certainly add to the genealogical ambiance, but I'd be just as happy at a more convenient location with free parking.
      Lastly, I think it's very generous of Ed to volunteer to advance the funds for the deposit for the first couple months. Prior to doing that, we need to find out if people are willing to make a $7 per meeting donation in order to attend the meetings. Perhaps it would be less at another facility. I think $7 is enough to reduce participation. I'd pay it, but I think other people might not.
      -----Original Message-----
      From: Edward A. Feustel [mailto:efeustel@...]
      Sent: Saturday, April 14, 2007 1:29 PM
      To: Linda Reinfeld
      Cc: Byram, Jim; Cardinal, John; Milley, Donna; Toland, Joseph; Geldart, Bob; Cainlist, Lillian; bostontug@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: Re: [Fwd: RE: Boston-area TMG user's meeting]

      Thank you for your hard work!

      I have also copied the BostonTUG@yahoogroups.com  because all mail to it is archived and it can be
      found through search of the yahoogroups. (This means you may get this twice.) Let's try to
      always include BostonTUG in the future. Those not wishing to join the BostonTUG group
      on yahoogroups should let us know so that we can address mail to them separately.

      Let's meet for two months, preferably not on the second Saturday of the month.
      I am willing to advance the funds for the deposit. We need to advertise as
      widely as possible and indicate that we need donations to cover costs.

      A beginner's session featuring one of the following might be a good starter:
      1. Data Entry
      2. Search for direct ancestors
      3. Simple report
      4. Preferences for the program
      5. Conversion of a data set to TMG.
      A second session the same day might feature user's questions
      and answers from the assembled group.

      Alternatively, I have the TMG Advanced DVD that we could use for part of the program.
      In the future, if John Cardinal could introduce us to Second Site that would be useful.

      If these ideas don't meet the needs of the group, I'll try to find some additional ones
      from the Arlington RUG.

      What do others think/need/hope to get out of the group?
      Ed Feustel

      Linda Reinfeld wrote:
      Hi Everyone -

      I finally got a response from Marie at NEHGS - and the reason for her delay. I guess I am naive, but I didn't expect to have to 'rent' the facility. But it does make sense. I'm not sure how to co-ordinate this, but everyone should e-mail everyone and share ideas. I think my idea is that we should meet a couple of times to make sure there is interest & people can attend meetings, and then sign up with the society. Everyone's idea should be shared - whatever you're thinking.

      Linda Reinfeld

      PS - Excuse this if I am not doing this correctly - I have never started a group like his (or actually even attended one!)
      PPS - There is a 5-page document attached to this which identifies the facilities at the society. If you can't download this, let me know....

      -------- Original Message --------
      Subject:RE: Boston-area TMG user's meeting
      Date:Fri, 13 Apr 2007 16:17:19 -0400
      From:Daly, Marie <MDALY@...>
      To:Linda Reinfeld <linda.reinfeld@...>

      I am sorry for the delay in answering you. We were in the process of
      formulating our policies on the use of our facility. I have attached a
      copy of our draft policy. But we have considerable leeway to make
      special offers to non-profit groups such as yours. We can offer you a
      50% discount and no minimum charge. I would estimate that you may have
      initially about a dozen people at any one meeting, so our initial offer
      will be $42/month. We had discussed having the programs Saturday
      afternoons, once a month. Please let me know what you think, and if you
      want to go forward with the meetings. We look forward to helping your
      organization develop and grow.
      Marie E. Daly
      Director of Library
      New England Historic Genealogical Society
      101 Newbury Street
      Boston, MA 02116
      -----Original Message-----
      From: Linda Reinfeld [mailto:linda.reinfeld@...] 
      Sent: Tuesday, March 20, 2007 1:59 PM
      To: Daly, Marie
      Cc: Jim Byram; Cardinal, John; Milley, Donna; Toland, Joseph; Geldart,
      Bob; Feustal, Ed; Cainlist, Lillian
      Subject: Boston-area TMG user's meeting
      Hello Marie -
      About two weeks ago I was at the Society, and inquired about the 
      possibility of holding meetings of a Boston-area TMG user's group at the
      Society. You seemed to be interested in the idea, and said you would 
      need to check with your management. I wonder if you were able to do 
      that, and what your response would be. We are looking forward to 
      starting this group, and feel the Society would be a perfect meeting 
      place. Of course, if that isn't possible, then we will pursue other
      Hoping to hear from you - and thank you for your consideration
      Linda Reinfeld
      3 Whittier St
      Cambridge, MA

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