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Fw: Hands Off Title IX!

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  • Norma J. F. Harrison
    ... From: Jane at Feminist Majority Foundation To: Feminist Alert Newsletter Sent: Monday, February 24,
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 25, 2003
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      Sent: Monday, February 24, 2003 10:13 AM
      Subject: Hands Off Title IX!

      On February 26th, the Bush Administration's Commission on Opportunity in
      Athletics will recommend to the Department of Education sweeping and
      debilitating changes to Title IX. The endorsed changes will permit
      educational institutions to treat women athletes as second-class citizens.


      The Commission, stacked with opponents of Title IX and representatives of
      big sport schools, never attempted to quantify the impact of its
      recommendations on the participation of women and girls in athletics.
      According to the Women’s Sports Foundation, the effect on women and
      athletics will be disastrous. Under one proposal set forth by the
      Commission, college women would lose 50,000 participation opportunities
      and $122 million dollars in athletic scholarships. High School girls would
      lose 305,000 participation opportunities. The Commission has also approved
      requiring women and girls to prove their interest in sports in order to be
      given opportunities to participate.

      Contact the President, the Secretary of Education, and your Senators and
      Representatives and let them know that you strongly oppose any step to
      weaken Title IX and decrease opportunities for women and girls in


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