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Juarez: 2/8 - Gathering in Juárez p rotests slayings

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    Gathering in Juárez protests slayings February 8, 2003 www.borderlandnews.com/stories/borderland/20030208-73712.shtml Diana Washington Valdez El Paso Times
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 10, 2003
      Gathering in Juárez protests slayings
      February 8, 2003
      Diana Washington Valdez
      El Paso Times

      JUAREZ -- Two internationally acclaimed women joined hundreds of people
      Friday in front of the Chihuahua state attorney general's office to
      protest the killing of more than 300 girls and women since 1993.

      Lourdes Portillo, producer of the award-winning film "Señorita
      Extraviada," and Eve Ensler, creator of the award-winning play "The
      Vagina Monologues," urged justice for the victims while the crowd
      chanted, "Ni una mas" (not one more victim.)

      Portillo, whose award-winning film has been shown around the world, said
      efforts to bring the cases to a conclusion must continue. "We owe it to
      the victims," she said.

      Ensler said she will use her famous play to exert pressure on the
      Mexican authorities to act on behalf of the victims of violence.

      The gathering was part of a worldwide campaign called "V-D, Until the
      Violence Stops," which focused on the Juárez murders. Participants
      came from Chihuahua City, Juárez, San Francisco, Los Angeles, New
      Mexico and El Paso.
      A delegation from El Paso and New Mexico linked up with the crowd, which
      then traveled by caravan to the state law enforcement offices.

      Moncerrat Elvira Villarreal of the Ni Una Mas group criticized the
      Chihuahua governor's office for failing to put an end to the murders,
      particularly the string of serial murders that have occurred over the
      past 10 years.

      "It's awful ... because of the violence, we don't go out alone anymore,"
      said Mariana Rodriguez, 15, a Juárez high-school student.

      In addition to the deaths, state officials recently said, 60 Juárez
      women were reported missing. On Friday, a mother who showed up at the
      rally handed out copies of a flier with her missing daughter's picture.
      Violeta M. Alvidrez Barrios, 18, is the latest Juárez teen who
      vanished from the downtown. She was last seen Tuesday.

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