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Fw: [SUSTAINbayarea] Fwd: PARC: INS detainees on Hunger Strike

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      Subject: [SUSTAINbayarea] Fwd: PARC: INS detainees on Hunger Strike

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      Subject: PARC: INS detainees on Hunger Strike
      Date: Thu, 16 Jan 2003 14:03:28 -0600 (CST)


      Send letters or fax to:

      Andrea Quarantillo
      INS District Director
      INS Newark District Office
      970 Broad St. Rm. 136
      Newark, NJ 07102
      Phone: 973-645-4421
      Fax: 973-645-2304

      INS Detainees on Hunger Strike in Passaic County Jail

      As of 3pm Tuesday January 14, 2003, seven men detained by the US Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) are on a hunger
      strike to protest their detention by the INS and their treatment in the Passaic County Jail. They say that they will continue
      their strike until the INS meets with them to discuss their complaints.

      The hunger strikers are demanding the release of 9/11 detainees, most of whom are not charged with crimes but are being held
      in prison while the INS attempts to deport them or resolve their status. They are demanding improvements in food, medical care,
      air quality and family visits, a resumption of the Friday Islamic services the prison provided until a month ago, and separate
      living quarters for Muslim detainees.

      Conditions at Passaic County Jail continue to worsen. The detainees say that the prison’s food is insufficient, unpalatable and
      does not provide
      adequate protein and vitamins, leading to health problems, while the medical services are limited and slow; dental services do
      not go beyond the
      removal of teeth. The aging ventilation system also contributes to their health problems.

      9/11 (“Special Interest”) Muslim detainees demand separate living quarters. At present, they are experiencing xenophobia, abuse
      and threats from
      the general prison population, which are largely ignored by prison guards.

      The detainees want to be able to have physical contact visits with their families; currently they must talk to their wives and
      children through a glass wall. As a result, many young fathers have been unable to hold their newborn babies.

      The Campaign to Stop the Disappearances, Islamic Circle of North America – Relief, and the Committee for the Release of Farouk
      Abdel-Muhti express our solidarity with the detainees on hunger strike. We demand that Andrea J. Quarantillo - the INS District
      Director of New Jersey (Ph: 973-645-4421),
      Jerry Speziale, the Sheriff of Passaic County (973-881-4619) and Warden Charles Meyers - Passaic County Jail (Ph:
      973-881-4591) be held accountable for the violation of detainees’ rights and we urge all three to meet with the detainees and
      community organizations to discuss their needs immediately.

      For more information, contact DRUM (718) 205 3036

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      Boone T. Nguyen
      Prison Activist Resource Center www.prisonactivist.org
      phone: 510-893-4648, ext. 109
      fax: 510-893-4607
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