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FNS: Méxicali Residents' Crossborder Sh opping Habits

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    FNS: Méxicali Residents Crossborder Shopping Habits Date: 12/10/2002 1:51:48 PM Pacific Standard Time From: frontera@nmsu.edu Interviews of 350 Méxicali
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      FNS: Méxicali Residents' Crossborder Shopping Habits
      Date: 12/10/2002 1:51:48 PM Pacific Standard Time
      From: frontera@...

      Interviews of 350 Méxicali residents found that 74% have the documents necessary to cross to the US to shop, according to a study done by the Centro de Estudios Económicos del Sector Empresarial de Méxicali (the Méxicali Business Sectors' Center for Economic Studies, Ceesem).

      Of those that can cross the border to shop, 77.6% purchase their clothes in Calexico, California and 72.4% buy their shoes in the US. Differences in meat prices also led 72.4% of border crossers to buy chicken in the US and 63.5% buy sausage there. However, only 39.9% of border crossers buy paper products and office supplies in Calexico.

      Of the people interviewed that can shop in the US, 36.8% go once a month to buy items in Calexico, California, 29.1% go twice a month, and 4.9% go two times per week. The shopping habits of the other 29.2% were not mentioned in an article in Méxicali's La Crónica newspaper.

      On each shopping visit to the US, 32% of border crossers spend between US$20 and US$50, 29% spend between US$50 and US$100, 3% spend more than US$200.

      Ley grocery stores in Méxicali are shopped at by 71.5% of the 350 people that were surveyed. For Walmart in Méxicali this figure is 69% and for Walmart in Calexico it is 53.4%. Sam's Club in Méxicali is shopped at by 35.6% of the Méxicali residents.

      Méxicali's newspaper La Crónica concluded from the survey that the majority of city residents do not prefer to shop in Calexico.

      Roberto Valero Berrospe of the Ceesem said that Méxicali shoppers look for the lowest prices whether they are in Méxicali or Calexico.

      Source: La Crónica, December 10, 2002. Article by Mitzi Monge.
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