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Tijuana, Mexico: Casa Amiga

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    Casa Amiga Date: 12/3/2002 10:02:30 PM Pacific Standard Time From: americas@irc-online.org ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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      Casa Amiga
      Date: 12/3/2002 10:02:30 PM Pacific Standard Time
      From: americas@...

      CROSSBORDER UPDATER | December 3, 2002

      c o n t e n t s :
      Casa Amiga: Leading the Fight to Protect Women in Ciudad Juarez | article by Jonathan Treat

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      A new Citizen Action in the Americas article from the IRC's Americas Program:

      | Citizen Action in the Americas |
      Casa Amiga: Leading the Fight to Protect Women in Ciudad Juárez

      Jonathan Treat | December 3, 2002

      A major wave of layoffs in the once-thriving maquiladora industry of Ciudad Juárez has left thousands scrambling for ways to make ends meet. Among the most vulnerable to this economic implosion are thousands of working class women. As the maquiladora sector has contracted, Casa Amiga, the only domestic violence and rape crisis center in the city of nearly 2 million, experienced a dramatic increase in the number of battered women coming in for help. Despite its overwhelming workload, the staff of Casa Amiga continues to provide much-needed services to women in Juárez, one day at a time, case by case.

      Read the complete special report:

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