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Nuevo Laredo, Mexico: Councilors' Christmas Bonus Equals 14k Hr.of Mim Wage Labo

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    FNS: Councilors Christmas Bonus Equals 14,400 Hours of Minimum Wage Labor Date: 11/25/2002 9:07:19 AM Pacific Standard Time From: frontera@nmsu.edu City
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      FNS: Councilors' Christmas Bonus Equals 14,400 Hours of Minimum Wage Labor
      Date: 11/25/2002 9:07:19 AM Pacific Standard Time
      From: frontera@...

      City councilors in Nuevo Laredo will receive Christmas bonuses of 90,000 pesos (approximately US$9,000) in 2002, according to an article in the Nuevo Laredo newspaper El Mañana. A worker earning Mexico's minimum wage would have to work 14,400 hours at approximately 6 pesos (US$0.63) per hour to earn this amount.
      Looked at another way, this is nearly seven years of full-time work for someone making the minimum wage in Nuevo Laredo.

      El Mañana also pointed out that the councilors' bonus is 75 times greater than the 1,200 peso (US$120) bonus that most workers get.

      Nuevo Laredo city workers were shocked by the size of the councilors' bonus--and a bit jealous as well--according to El Mañana.

      A city gardener, Antonio Fermín, who earns 583 pesos (US$58) a week does not know how much his Christmas bonus will be and he is not even sure he will get one. "I'd be glad not to get fired, although I would like it if they paid me the Christmas bonus. But why are they paying the city councilors so much? I don't see them doing too much. I believe that all city workers should receive the bonus because it's mandated by law."

      Alfredo Armendáriz, who earns 700 pesos (US$70) a week, said that he may get a year-end bonus of about 1500 pesos (US$150). If he were to receive the councilors' 90,000 peso bonus he said he would take a trip and have money left over.

      "I work more than 8 hours a day and I earn 619 pesos a week. And I don't even know if they're going to pay my Christmas bonus. They haven't told me anything. However, I hope so because I really need the money. The truth is, I'm jealous that they pay the councilors so much especially when not all of them work," said Jorge Israel, a city worker.

      Source: El Mañana (Nuevo Laredo), November 25, 2002. Article by Silvia Alvarez Araiza.
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