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Fwd: [cwsworkshop] reportback from european border camps

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  • catalyst
    ... reply to chriscrass1886@hotmail.com ... and p.s.-- re: the extremely disturbing email earlier today, the cochise county sheriff s office has started
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 18, 2002
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      for bay area folks:

      > Howdy comrades,
      > The report back is happening in 3 days,if you're
      > able to make it, please let
      > us know,cuz we'd love to see you there.
      > Take care,
      > chris crass
      > “No One is Illegal”: report back on immigrant rights
      > and
      > anti-racist organizing in Fortress Europe by Clare
      > Bayard
      > Monday October 21st
      > 7pm at 522 Valencia
      > at 16th St. in the Mission, San Francisco
      > 2-5$ donation requested
      > no one turned away for lack of funds
      reply to chriscrass1886@...
      > Clare Bayard, an organizer with the Challenging
      > White Supremacy
      > Workshops, recently participated in the growing
      > anti-racist movement
      > in Europe working for immigrant rights and global
      > justice. In her
      > work to develop ties between immigrant led struggles
      > in the US with
      > the mostly white sections of the anti-global
      > capitalism movement,
      > Bayard has looked to organizing experiences and
      > lessons in Europe
      > and specifically in Germany.
      > The report back will focus on the project of
      > "noborder camps" by the
      > anti-racist movement in Germany. This summer was the
      > fifth year of
      > the solidarity border camping project, and the first
      > year of an
      > international camp located in Strasbourg, France.
      > The project, begun
      > under the slogan "No One Is Illegal" as a project to
      > challenge
      > fascism and support antiracist organizing around
      > borders in Fortress
      > Europe.
      > The report back will explore the birth of the border
      > camps and the
      > antiracist organizing projects it grew out of; look
      > at the ambitious
      > project of how the international camp was organized;
      > discuss the
      > strengths and weaknesses of the collaborative work
      > between European
      > nationals and immigrants; touch on Zionism and
      > Palestinian
      > liberation in German left-radical circles; and give
      > a brief overview of the
      > overlaps between the anti-racist/anti-fascist,
      > global justice and
      > immigrants'
      > rights movements.
      > Clare Bayard works with the Anti-Racism for Global
      > Justice project
      > of the Challenging White Supremacy workshops. Clare
      > has been an
      > organizer with San Francisco Food Not Bombs for 4
      > years and played
      > a leading role in developing solidarity work with
      > the SF Day Labor
      > Program and INS Watch.
      > Anti-Racism for Global Justice is a project that
      > utilizes political
      > education, leadership development and networking to
      > further
      > anti-racism and anti-oppression politics in practice
      > in the global
      > justice movement. We believe that white people have
      > a
      > responsibility to work in white communities to
      > challenge white
      > privilege and work for racial justice. We believe
      > that anti-racism
      > is a catalyst to building mass multiracial movements
      > led by radicals
      > of color working for collective liberation.

      and p.s.-- re: the extremely disturbing email earlier
      today, the cochise county sheriff's office has started
      channeling people to voicemail. hopefully this means
      they're getting a lot of angry calls.

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