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Feb 10-20 03: NarcoNews Mexico Jornalism Workshop

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    journalism workshop ... October 1, 2002 Please Distribute Widely This announcement appears online at: http://www.narconews.com/scholarship1.html The Narco News
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      journalism workshop

      October 1, 2002
      Please Distribute Widely

      This announcement appears online at:


      The Narco News School of Authentic Journalism





      FEBRUARY 10 to 20, 2003


      Thanks to a grant from the Tides Foundation, six starting journalists and/or
      journalism students will be chosen by Narco News to come to Mérida on the
      Yucatán Peninsula of the Mexican Southeast in February 2003 for a ten-day
      intensive workshop in authentic journalism by the makers and colleagues of
      The Narco News Bulletin and the Mexican daily newspaper Por Esto!.

      Scholarship winners will receive airfare to and from the seminar, food and
      lodging, and will attend all events during the ten-day seminar for free.


      PART I:


      This seminar will include hands-on work by each student as a journalist:

      Scholarship recipients will participate in Narco News' extensive online
      coverage of the historic first-ever drug legalization conference with
      participants from throughout América, North and South, titled OUT FROM THE
      SHADOWS, hosted by the Autonomous University of Yucatán.

      That event will take place February 12 through 15 in Mérida, capital of
      Yucatán state, featuring former Colombian attorney general Gustavo de
      Greiff, leaders of the coca growers unions in Bolivia, attorneys, scholars,
      legislators and experts on drug policy from the drug war "hot spots" in our
      hemisphere. The conference, like the seminar, will be bilingual: for Spanish
      and English speakers alike. Scholarship students will cover these events as
      reporters and publish their news stories and analysis on the
      www.narconews.com online newspaper.

      PART II:


      Then, beginning on February 16, students will attend participatory
      discussions led by Narco News publisher Al Giordano with experienced
      journalists and communicators. Sessions will be held in English and in
      Spanish, with translation provided. Participants will tour the facilities of
      Mexico's third-largest and fastest-growing daily newspaper, Por Esto!, speak
      with editor-publisher Mario Menéndez, and the team of reporters and
      photographers who documented large-scale cocaine trafficking activities on
      the lands of Mexico's wealthiest banker.

      Menéndez, Giordano and Narco News were victorious co-defendants in the "drug
      war on trial" case in which the New York Supreme Court ruled in their favor
      against Banamex-Citigroup and established a landmark legal precedent
      extending the First Amendment protections of "Sullivan v. New York Times" to
      Internet journalists.

      The seminar will include presentations by First Amendment attorneys who
      defended that historic case in the United States and in Mexico, and by
      Internet pioneer John Gilmore of the Electronic Frontier Foundation,
      including an analysis of how journalists, especially online journalists, can
      make full benefit of the New York court's decision.


      Mario Menéndez Rodríguez -- Gary Webb -- Renán Castro Madera -- Annie
      Harrison -- John Gilmore -- Raquel Gutiérrez Aguilar -- Jeremy Bigwood --
      Gustavo de Greiff -- Maria Botey Pascual -- Jules Siegel -- Peter Gorman --
      Lisandro Coronado Alcocer -- Gonzálo Subirats García -- Maximilien Arvelaiz
      -- Juan Ramírez -- Dave Borden -- Valerie Vande Panne -- Anthony Lappe --
      Stephen Marshall -- Luis Gómez -- Dan Feder...

      You can read more about them, see their photographs, and read about some
      other invited guests at:


      Students and Faculty of our J-School will also attend one of Por Esto!
      editor Mario Menéndez's Community Assemblies. Por Esto!, the third-largest
      daily in Mexico, is the only daily in América that invites the public to
      critique and advise the newspaper face to face with its publisher and staff.

      We are contacting other important authentic journalists to invite them to
      join our faculty. The list of faculty (above) is thus incomplete, subject to
      change, and open to your suggestions, too.

      Some of the faculty members have agreed to make their presentations barefoot
      and in bathing suits on a sleepy Caribbean beach sipping cold liquids from


      The six scholarship recipients will be chosen by publisher Al Giordano in
      consultation with our partners at Salón Chingón, the Narco News Team, the
      Por Esto! News Team, and our Faculty, to find "the six biggest potential
      journalistic troublemakers and truth-seekers on the planet," from a variety
      of regions, languages (Spanish or English) and tendencies. Interest and
      familiarity with the Narco News project, the authentic journalism movement,
      Internet and other media, as well as possession of a writer or
      communicator's "voice" and talent, a sense of humor, and a commitment to
      authenticity in journalism and democracy will be weighed as positive, but
      not exclusive, factors in reviewing applications and choosing the six
      scholarship recipients. We will also consider the applicant's possibilities
      of continuing to work with the Narco News project, or in other media,
      reporting on the drug war in Latin América.

      At a time when commercial journalism is in a state of crisis, we're looking
      for a dream team help us cover an important news event - the first América
      wide drug legalization conference - and to receive training in the craft and
      ethics of authentic journalism as practiced by Narco News, Por Esto!, and
      others we admire.

      We also want very much to hear from journalism students and beginning
      journalists what you think about the crisis of our profession and how to
      best carry forward the Authentic Journalism Renaissance.

      To receive an application form - it's due on November 15, 2002 - send an
      email to salonchingon@...


      If you think you're part of the future of authentic journalism, use the
      application form to persuade us that you ought to be one of the Authentic

      Letters of recommendation (email only), inquiries and suggestions regarding
      the Narco News Authentic Journalism Scholarships should be sent to our
      colleagues at salonchingon@...

      If you are chosen for this scholarship part of your training will include
      your own journalistic work as a Narco News correspondent reporting on,
      interviewing the participants, and analyzing the OUT FROM THE SHADOWS

      You'll receive private coaching, review, critique, and advice about your
      work from experienced journalists on your faculty.

      Likewise, you'll be covering your own journalism classes for Narco News -
      reporting what the journalists, opinion-makers and students are saying about
      the crisis of journalism in our times and potential solutions. There will
      also be sessions on technical skills. Thus, you'll also be disseminating the
      nuts-and-bolts basics of the training sessions to a larger body of readers.

      Journalism is about persuasion and coherence, too: Just convince us, in
      plain or creative language, using any form of media, that you're what we're
      looking for when we want to point to somebody and say, "see, the Authentic
      Journalism Renaissance is alive and well." Tell us what you think about how
      the drug war in our América is reported, and what you personally would like
      to do, journalistically, about it in 2003 and beyond. And tell us a little
      bit about what you want to learn from experienced journalists and
      communicators. That will help us design the program to the students' needs
      and those of the readers who will be "taking the courses" online.


      Distribute this announcement to potential scholarship recipients you know,
      as well as at journalism schools, workplaces, and independent media
      websites, publications and broadcasters. Applicants may be of any age or
      experience level but must be fluent in either Spanish or English, and be
      experienced in the use of email. Scholarships are open to print or online
      journalists, and also to those working or studying in all forms of media,
      broadly defined, including photojournalism, video-journalism, filmmaking,
      long-form non-fiction writing, radio, and other means of communication.

      Deadline for applications will be November 15th.

      Winners will be informed on or near December 1st, and will be flown to and
      from the Yucatán Peninsula as our guests from February 10 through 20, 2003.

      Beyond the six winners of the scholarship, a yet to be determined number of
      additional applicants will be invited to attend the seminar free, some with
      partial scholarships.

      The Narco News School of Authentic Journalism reserves the right to set all
      terms of the program and to accept or reject participation by anyone for any

      This event is a trade-free zone; a cultural exchange, not a moneymaker. Much
      of the seminar will also be made available online at narconews.com free of
      charge to the public and to authentic journalists and readers everywhere.

      Deadline for applications: November 15, 2002

      Read the Opening Remarks from Your College President:


      To receive an application, in English or in Spanish, send an email to:


      Subscribe for free alerts of new reports:


      Suscríbete gratis para alertas de reportajes nuevos en Español:


      Daniel Aaron Feder | danfeder@... | AIM: dafeder | NarcoNews.com

      "Dignity cannot be studied; you live it, or it dies. It aches inside and
      teaches you how to walk. Dignity is that motherland that has no borders
      and that we often forget." - Subcomandante Marcos, EZLN - 1995

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