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1/30/01 meeting notes for the SF Border action Sub-Commitee

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    minutes for last meeting Date: 1/31/01 3:19:51 PM Pacific Standard Time From:    carolynclara@hotmail.com (Carolyn Norr)  Hi everybody, here are the
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      minutes for last meeting
      Date: 1/31/01 3:19:51 PM Pacific Standard Time
      From:    carolynclara@... (Carolyn Norr)

       Hi everybody, here are the minutes for the last meeting.I put one version in
      the text and one version attatched, so you can read whichever is easier...See
      you all next tues!
      Minutes for 1/30/01 meeting of the Anti-FTaa Border action Sub-Commitee....
      Note: NEXT MEETING:  TUES, FEB 6, 5:30 pm Muddy Waters on 16th and Valencia
                              Anti- FTAA Coalition meeting to follow, feb., 6, 
      6:30 pm
      1. Updates...
      *San Diego Meeting: the californian globofobicos, the American Friends
      Service Committee, and the San diego anti-ftaa action group officially
      endorsed some sort of peaceful, non-violent border action and approved the
      term "protest". Logistics are still being worked out and sites, such as the
      Border State Park, need to be scouted. More discussion is needed with the
      south of the border group. Any plan must be sensitive to the longer term
      effects on the border region, and must arise from ideas on both sides of the
      Next Meeting: is this Saturday, with meetings being held every two weeks
      *LA Teach-In: on February 24th, there will be an all-day teach in at Cal
      State LA, and anyone interested is invited to attend, or be a speaker. The
      SanFrancisco group has decided to try to send some folks down.... INS-Watch
      meeting that same weekend.
      *SF Anti-Ftaa Coalition Meeting : took place last tues, 1/23, and was
      attended by about 50 people. The meeting included a teach in on FTAA issues,
      and reports from various working committees.
      Two more teach-ins are scheduled for the end of February and mid march, so
      stay tuned..
      Next Meeting: will be Tuesday, feb. 6th, at 6:30 pm, at a still undisclosed
      location that will be anounced over email.
      *Coalition to D.F. Will be arriving in Mexico City some time around March 8,
      after traveling from Chiapas.
      Questions we raised:
      1. how do we make decisions? What decisions do we need to make?
      2. What is our relation to other anti-ftaa groups?
      3. How do we communicate with those groups?
      4. What is our level of commitment? What is our time frame?
      5.Who are we accountable to?
      6. What role does this group take in a)shaping this action and b) supporting
      other groups?
      6 1/2. What actions do we as a group want to take?
      7. Do we want to send people to the border for planning, coordiation etc?
      8. How can we best communicate with south of the border or southern CA groups
      from here?
      9. How do we avoid the carpet-bagger syndrome?
      10. How can we incorporate unions?
      11. How can we develop commonalities with Tuscon, El Paso, Seattle, and
      Quebec protests?
      Internal Structure:
      > >
      >**It was decided by concensus:
       **We are a subcommittee of the anti-ftaa coalition working to build
      attention and support for a border action on 4/21. We will re-evaluate this
      position in 2 weeks.
      Pros: resources of a larger group v. Cons: possible limits on autonomy
      >**Decision making: we be by concensus.

      >**Commitment/Time Frame: Our goal is to unite shorter-term anti-FTAA
      organizing energy with longer term border policy work. We will focus for now
      on the date of 4/21, but with an eye to building long term, sustainable links
      for cross-border organizing!
      ** We are accountable to both the U.S. anti-Ftaa coalition and to South of
      the border groups. Therefore, we must build communication with south of the
      border groups, to find out their plans and goals.
      ** To maintain communication we will each bring to the next meeting
      suggestions for contacts. The contact list compiled by Siu Hin will be held
      for now. We will appoint people to be contacts with other groups.
      ** We as a Committee will try to send representatives to the Teach in at Cal
      state LA taking place on Feb. 24th. An INS-Watch meeting will take place the
      same weekend in the central valley, so maybe people can go there, too.
      Other info:
       Xiamra Castro from Global Exchange will be leading a “Reality Tour” to the
      border in Mid February, and speaking with order groups at that time. Juliette
      will bring us information about that.

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