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FNS: Some Tijuana Beauty Shops Put Health at Serious Risk

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    FNS: Some Tijuana Beauty Shops Put Health at Serious Risk Date: 9/10/2002 11:27:37 AM Pacific Daylight Time From:
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      FNS: Some Tijuana Beauty Shops Put Health at Serious Risk
      Date: 9/10/2002 11:27:37 AM Pacific Daylight Time
      From: frontera@...

      Dr. H├ęctor Guillermo Lino Ortiz, president of the College of Plastic, Esthetic and Reconstructive Surgeons, has seen four cases so far this year in which people have been injured by cosmetologists, he told the Tijuana newspaper Frontera (no relationship to FNS). The College also has on record a total of 140 cases in which people have needed medical attention after having been hurt by procedures performed at beauty shops.

      Of the cases he has been involved with, Lino said that one of the worst dealt with a woman that had an unidentified, oily, silicon-like substance injected into her legs to make them look fuller. The substance, foreign to the body, started to dry the woman's skin and pool at her ankles. When the woman finally went for medical help, her legs were already so blistered and damaged that both legs had to be amputated.

      In another case, a woman let a beauty salon inject an unknown substance into her breasts to increase their size. The woman experienced discomfort from the procedure and went to Lino. The doctor operated and found pools of greenish-brown liquid under the woman's skin. He removed the substance and damaged skin and eventually performed reconstructive surgery.

      Irma Guerra de Betanzos, a registered cosmetologist for 28 years in Tijuana, said that unlicensed workers in her field are putting people at risk. She personally has seen people infected with Hepatitis C by unclean machines that are used to permanently tattoo eyebrows on to women's faces.

      In one case last week, a woman that went to see Guerra had skin hanging from her face because of a "peeling" procedure someone had performed on her. Guerra immediately sent the woman to a dermatologist who helped the woman recover.

      Guerra and other registered cosmetologists are organizing in Tijuana to see that the government cracks down on unregulated workers in the field.

      Another problem, according to Guerra, is that pharmaceutical companies are selling material to cosmetologists that should only be in doctors' hands. Source: Frontera (Tijuana), September 10, 2002. Article by Luis Adolfo San.
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