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FW: Protest Repression of Latino day labor activists

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  • Travis Morales
    We received this yesterday from the Latino Union in Chicago . They requested that it be forwarded around the country. Chicago activist Julieta Bolivar faces
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 7, 2002

      We received this yesterday from the Latino Union in Chicago . They requested that it be forwarded around the country.

      Chicago activist Julieta Bolivar faces expulsion from the country (aka voluntary departure) after being seized by the notorious Pennsylvania State Police and handed over to the Migra -- because of being in a car with a flat tire.

      Arturo Moreno and Mariano Granados are still in jail. To oppose the detention of these activists is to resist the effort to chill the political activity of immigrants in this country.

      [There should be a Spanish version of this information coming.]

      -Don; Revolution Books, Chicago


      Protest Racial Profiling and Harassment of Latino Immigrant Travelers in Pennsylvania

      Aug. 14, 2002 , nine Latino worker activists from Chicago were driving

      through Pennsylvania on their way to a regional day labor conference in

      Brooklyn , New York , when their van got a flat tire in Mercer County (near

      the Ohio border in western Pennsylvania ). As they were changing the tire,

      an officer of the Pennsylvania State Police arrived and demanded

      immigration documents from all the passengers. The activists showed him

      driver licenses and other forms of identification but said the officer had

      no right to demand immigration documents. The officer insisted he needed

      to see the passengers' "green cards."


      The officer arrested three of the activists and handed them over to the

      Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS). Two of the activists, Arturo

      Moreno and Mariano Granados, were detained by the INS and taken to York

      County Jail in southeastern Pennsylvania . Another, Julieta Bolivar, was

      released after signing a "voluntary departure" form; she and the others

      went on to participate in the conference, organized by the National

      Network for Day Laborers. Julieta Bolivar is now back home in Chicago

      awaiting a hearing in immigration court. Arturo Moreno and Mariano

      Granados are still being held at York County Jail.


      The National Network for Day Laborers is calling for a mass demonstration

      outside York County Jail on Thursday, Sept. 19, 2002 , at 9am , to protest

      the unjust arrest and detention of immigrant workers. The jail is located

      at 3400 Concord Road , York , PA 17402 , near the corner of Mt. Zion Road

      (route 24) just off highway US-30 (near Interstates 83 & 76) in York

      County , Pennsylvania (about 2 hours west of Philadelphia ).


      Supporters of civil rights are also urged to call or fax the Pennsylvania

      State Police in Mercer, PA (phone 724-662-6162, fax 724-662-6169) to

      protest their use of racial profiling against travelers. Tell them: the

      state police has no business asking travelers for immigration documents,

      especially when officers are singling people out for this treatment based

      on racial profiling.

      For more information, contact Jose Landaverde, Executive Director of the

      Latino Union of Chicago , at (773) 398-4023 or

      [NY contact:]
       Jane Guskin

       Coalition for the Human Rights of Immigrants (CHRI)

       Coalicion para los Derechos Humanos de los Inmigrantes

       339 Lafayette St, New York , NY 10012

       tel 212-254-2591 / 888-575-8242 (888-57-LUCHA)

       fax 212-674-9139 email

       web site: http://www.itapnet.org/chri


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