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Fwd: [STARS-UCNuclearFree] support for young women activists

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  • Gretchen Begley
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      Subject: [STARS-UCNuclearFree] support for young women activists
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      Third Wave Foundation Offers Support to Young Women
      Activists and Their Organizations

      Deadline: October 1 and April 1, annually

      The Third Wave Foundation provides resources through a
      variety of programs to support the cutting-edge work of
      young women activists.

      The foundation's grantmaking provides direct financial
      support to young women activists and the organizations
      they lead. The foundation accepts proposals for projects
      that benefit, target, are devised by, and led by women
      between the ages of 15 and 30, with an emphasis on
      low-income women, differently abled women, women of color,
      and lesbian and bisexual women. Grants are offered in the following

      The Reproductive Rights Fund supports activities that
      directly expand young women's rights and access to repro- ductive
      health care and education. The Fund awards grants to support the
      training of new abortion providers and increase access to
      reproductive healthcare services in underserved areas. In the
      absence of such programs, the Fund also provides emergency grants
      for abortion procedures, covering portions of medical costs and/or
      travel. (Emergency grants are considered on an ongoing and
      immediate basis.)

      The Organizing and Advocacy Fund supports organizing and activism
      work that exists to challenge sexism, racism, homophobia, economic
      injustice, and other forms of oppres- sion. Grants are provided for
      both specific projects and general operating support.

      The Scholarship Program is available to all full-time or part-time
      students age 30 and under who are enrolled in, or have been accepted
      to, an accredited university, college, vocational/technical school,
      or community college. The primary criterion for funding is financial
      need. Within the scholarship program, the Woodlake Fund provides
      scholarships for young women of color who prioritize social justice
      and the work done in the spirit of justice and equality over
      academic performance and who integrate social justice into all areas
      of their lives. Students applying for grants should also be involved
      as activists, artists, or cultural workers working on issues such
      as racism, homophobia, sexism, or other forms of inequality.
      Scholarships range in amount from $1,000 and $5,000 each.

      The foundation also is offering a special fund through the
      end of 2002 to provide support to young women working
      toward social justice in the political and social aftermath
      of the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. Funding
      is available for activist work that broadens the range of responses
      to the 9/11 tragedy. (Proposals for the September 11th Emergency
      Fund must be received before the last Monday of each month.)

      For complete application guidelines, see the Third Wave Foundation
      Web site.

      RFP Link: http://www.thirdwavefoundation.org/default.htm

      For additional RFPs in Women, visit:

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