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ProLIbertad Reparations/Mumia/Vieques

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  • ProLibertad Campaign
    Join the ProLibertad Freedom Campaign on August 17th, 2002 in Washington DC to support Reparations for the African American communities in the United States!!
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      Join the ProLibertad Freedom Campaign on August 17th, 2002 in Washington DC
      to support Reparations for the African American communities in the United

      On Saturday August 17th, 2002 millions will rally to Washington DC to
      support the African-American Reparations movement.

      It is time that the ancestors of the slaves that built this country be
      given the economic reparations they deserve to build schools and hospitals.

      For decades, the solidarity between Latin@s and African-Americans has
      strengthened both our movements for social justice and freedom.

      We must stand together again in Washington DC on Saturday
      August 17th, 2002!!

      Join the ProLibertad for Reparations Contingent!! Contact ProLibertad for a
      bus ticket today (only $20-30 round trip), we've got tickets on the Mumia
      Coalition Buses!!

      Call us at 718-601-4751, 212-927-9065, or email ProLibertad@...

      The ProLibertad Freedom Campaign is making a public call to all
      organizations to endorse our Freedom Challenge!! ProLibertad has
      committeditself to raise $10,000 for Mumia Abu Jamal's Legal Defense!!

      Join our challenge, by raising money and attending our FREEDOM CELEBRATION
      ON SATURDAY AUGUST 24TH, 2002!!

      If you are interested in ENDORSING the Freedom Celebration and the Challenge
      to raise $10,000, then please call 212-927-9065 or email
      ProLibertad@... to add your organization to our list!! Please pass
      the word along!!
      _______________________________________________________________________ Take
      the ProLibertad Freedom Campaign to Free Puerto Rican Political
      Prisoners Challenge!! We have committed to Raise $10,000 for Mumia's Legal
      Defense Fund.

      How much can you raise? FREEDOM is possible we can do this!! Bring your $5,
      $50, $500, Checks payable to the National Black United Fund/For Mumia's
      Legal Defense Fund Join the Freedom Celebration!!

      MUMIA WILL BE FREE!* MUSIC * POETRY *FOOD!! Invited Guests* Rosemari Mealy *
      Amina Baraka * Zayid Mohammed * Sandra
      Rodriquez * * Safiya Bukhari * Yerba Buena

      Open mike if time permits Saturday, August 24, 4pm to 8pm
      St. Mary's Church 521 West 126 St. Broadway and Amsterdam Avenue

      Donation $10/Dinner $5. For More Information:
      ProLibertad 212-927-9065 ProLibertad.org
      Free Mumia Abu Jamal Coalition 212-330-8029 Freemumia.com
      Situation of Robert Rabin and Hiram Lozada in the Federal Prison,
      Guaynabo, PR

      On Thursday, July 18 around 6 PM, Prisoners for Peace in Vieques Robert
      (Bob) Rabin and Attorney Hiram Lozada, President of the Human Rights
      Committee of the Puerto Rico Lawyer's Guild, were transferred - without any
      explanation or notice - from Unit 1A (minimum security) to Unit 1B, which
      has more restrictions such as limiting visits to one afternoon per week,
      only for immediate family members. Rabin has been denied the right to make
      telephone calls - not even to his mother, who resides in Boston. It should
      be noted that recently these two men - who are completing sentences of six
      (Rabin) and four (Lozada) months for the misdemeanor offence of entering the
      bombing range in Vieques to halt the bombing last April - publicly denounced
      a series of violations of the prisoners' rights.

      We call on all who are committed to peace and human rights to communicate
      with theprison, in order to express concern for the well-being of our
      prisoners for peace in Vieques.

      Telephone calls and faxed letters maybe sent to the official in charge of
      prisoners' issues: Attorney Alma L�pez, Tel:(787)749-4480;

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