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1996 article claims most immigrants screened by INS at jail committed "minor off

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    NewsBank InfoWeb Orange County Register, The (Santa Ana, CA) The Orange County Register June 26, 1996 Anaheim jail effort inefficient, says INS IMMIGRATION:
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      NewsBank InfoWeb
      Orange County Register, The (Santa Ana, CA)

      The Orange County Register

      June 26, 1996

      Anaheim jail effort inefficient, says INS

      IMMIGRATION: Agency recommends the resources be
      redirected to Orange County Jail.

      County Register

      Edition: MORNING
      Section: METRO
      Page: b01
      Dateline: ANAHEIM, CA

      Index Terms:

      Estimated printed pages: 2

      Article Text:

      A report from the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization
      Service recommends that its pilot program to identify
      illegal immigrants in the Anaheim jail be shut down
      and its resources diverted to increase the INS
      presence at the Orange County Jail in Santa Ana.

         "The Anaheim jail project is not an efficient use
      of limited INS management resources," says the report
      from John Brechtel, INS acting officer in charge for
      Orange County.
         The INS recommendation was rejected Tuesday by
      Reps. Chris Cox, R-Newport Beach, and Robert K.
      Dornan, R-Garden Grove, who want to keep an
      immigration agent at the Anaheim jail. Dornan said
      shifting the agents to the county would defeat the
      program's purpose -- testing the effectiveness of
      having agents at the city level.

         "Congress won't agree to the INS recommendation
      because it makes no sense," Dornan said.

         The INS paid for the pilot program for two months.
      According to the June 18 report, an INS agent
      interviewed 1,903 people arrested during that period,
      ending May 25. Thirty-seven percent were foreign-born.

         A total of 451 arrestees, or 24 percent of those
      interviewed, were determined to be illegal immigrants.
      Of those, 410 had no criminal record, according to the
      memo. Most immigrants "were arrested for minor
      offenses," such as being drunk in public, the report

         Anaheim Councilman Bob Zemel said Tuesday that the
      INS does not understand what the city wants to

         City officials want to identify illegal immigrants
      before they go to court, Zemel said, so judges will
      know they might jump bail before trial. He also
      dismissed the contention that most illegal immigrants
      are arrested for nonviolent crimes.

      "How dare they tell us, in our community we have to
      put up with being drunk in public, that is not a crime
      against our citizens," Zemel said.

         INS officials declined Tuesday to comment on the
      report, saying they were scheduled to meet today with
      Anaheim city officials to discuss it.

         An INS agent works part time five days a week at
      the Orange County Jail to identify prisoners scheduled
      to be released who could be deported instead. The
      report recommends that be increased to seven days.

      Copyright 1996   The Orange County Register
      Record Number: OCR687477
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