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Fwd: Access to Higher Ed for Undocumented Students

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      Subject: [mechadeucsb] Fwd: Access to Higher Ed for Undocumented Students
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      Subject: Access to Higher Ed for Undocumented Students
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      hope you are doing well. My name is Patty Salcedo and i am currently working
      with CHIRLA in the hopes of helping outreach for support for the passage of
      bills H.1918 (Student Adjustment Act0, and S.1291 (DREAM Act). Both bills will
      provide access to higher education for undocumented students, if they have been
      in the U.S for at least five years, and are 12-21 years old on the date of
      enactment. What these bills will do is provide these students with legal
      permanenet residency to enable them to work legally to fund their education.
      H.1918 would also provide financial aid, whereas S.1291 would not. (both
      provide legal permanenet residency, in-state tuition, and legal attendance at
      institutions of higher ed).


      Right now the most important things for orgs to help out with is 1.)
      endorsements 2.) writing editorials, and 3.) setting up meetings with
      congressspeoples..preferably the congressperson responsible for your area

      regarding # 1, We ask that if your orgnanization can endorse the campaign to
      please do so as quickly as possible.(please fax the endorsements to me, fax #
      on bottom)

      regarding # 2, if you know of H.S. teachers who have undocumented students, or
      professors interested in this issue, or know of community orgs dealing with
      educational issues for our communtities, please ask them to write an editorial
      regarding the importance of such bills (Student Adjustment Act: H.1918). they
      should write it then turn it in to me so CHIRLA can make sure its ok before it
      goes to the editor. if you all know of any cool grassroots magazines or
      community newspapaers those whould be the ones to hit up.

      regarding # 3, if you know the congressperson responsible for your
      area...especially if its one of the ones targetted, and if your interested in
      holding a mtg witht them to talk to them reagrding the two bills please let me
      know to fill you in on the detials of how to go about doing so, dont worry
      CHIRLA reps will go along with you, or the organization interested. (a sample
      copy to request these meetings can be emailed to you)

      let me know, take care

      Patty Salcedo

      (310)559-5283, office (310)825-8894, fax (310) 206-3175

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      Ofelia Delgado

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