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San Diego: August 3 Meeting for Maclovio Rojas and Caravan

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    From: militant389 To: Maclovio Rojas Meeting At Maclovio Rojas and Caravan August 3, 2002 Please forward and circulate widely: San Diego, CA July 20, 2002
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 24, 2002
      From: "militant389"
      To: "Maclovio Rojas"

      Meeting At Maclovio Rojas and Caravan August 3, 2002
      Please forward and circulate widely:

      San Diego, CA
      July 20, 2002

      Sisters and Brothers,

      This is an open invitation to individuals and groups who are in support of workers' and land rights, and particularly Maclovio Rojas and other embattled Baja ejido communities.

      Many of you are familiar with the most recent wave of government repression against Maclovio Rojas and their allied communities. This repression has subsided for the time being. The police siege has ended. The terrorist kidnappings have stopped. The arrest warrants on Hortensia and Artemio have been temporarily lifted. This is a victory for poor and working people everywhere. Credit for this victory lies squarely in the community of Maclovio Rojas. Some of us here in the US had committed ourselves in advance to making the making any attack on Maclovio Rojas a matter of international solidarity. Everyone who picketed the consulate, telephoned, wrote letters, etc. played a part in this victory.

      Unfortunately, leaders of less known Baja ejidos are still in jail. Also the future of Maclovio Rojas is still in serious jeopardy. Industrial development in this border zone requires a new railroad line to the US market and ports. The report from Maclovio Rojas is that the Mexican government may try to plow these tracks straight through their community.

      Leaders of Maclovio Rojas are welcoming all that support them and their allies to attend a meeting at the community on August 3rd, 3:00 pm.

      This meeting will be an opportunity to hear first-hand about recent events and future threats. It will also allow folks from San Diego, Tijuana, and anywhere else to organize directly in support of Maclovio Rojas and their allied communities. Limited overnight accomodations are available and camping space is plentiful. Food will be available, but anyone with special diet restrictions should bring their own.

      We are asking everyone coming from the US to caravan to the community as a group. We will assemble at Chicano Park in San Diego starting at noon and leaving at 1:00 sharp.

      Directions to Chicano Park:

      Interstate-5 South: Exit I-5 South via ramp to Logan Ave and go Southeast for 700 feet Turn left on Logan Ave and go Southeast for 0.2 miles to Logan Ave at Crosby St

      California Coalition Against Poverty

      (858) 831-1778

      Fight To Win

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