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Fw: Exposed for Labor Abuses, Gucci Parent Company Tries to Cut-and-Run

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  • Norma J. F. Harrison
    http://www.unionvoice.org/campaign/brylaneppr Fill in the blanks once and it will do it for you after that, for the next alerts. Takes a moment. N. ... From:
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 3, 2002

      Fill in the blanks once and it will do it for you after that, for the next alerts. Takes a moment. N.

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      Subject: Exposed for Labor Abuses, Gucci Parent Company Tries to Cut-and-Run

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      CLR Labor Alert posted July 2, 2002

      In this Alert:
      1. Exposed for Sweatshop Abuses and Union-Busting, Gucci Parent Company Tries to Cut-and-Run.
      2. Take Action Now! - Just click on the link below and send a fax.


      Pinault-Printemps-Redoute, the French multinational apparel company known for major brands like Gucci, Brylane, FNAC, Yves
      Saint-Laurent, and Ellos, is also becoming known for union-busting and sweatshop conditions at its subsidiary operations and
      supplier factories around the world.

      At PPR's Brylane distribution center in Indianapolis, Indiana, managers are waging a campaign of intimidation, discrimination and
      harassment aimed at preventing workers from exercising their right to choose a union. Brylane workers are coming together with the
      union, UNITE, to win a voice at work and end unsafe conditions in their jobs, including an ergonomic injury rate more than 18 times
      the industry average.

      But PPR's mistreatment of workers extends beyond its own operations. A recent report has revealed that poverty wages, excessive
      hours and unsafe conditions can be found at PPR supplier factories all across Asia. At a factory supplying PPR in the Philippines,
      workers earn the equivalent of about $3.25 US a day -- less than that country's legal minimum wage. Moreover, the company cheats th

      e workers of wages and benefits, by keeping them on temporary status for well beyond the six month maximum allowed under Philippine
      law. At another PPR supplier in Tirupur, India, some workers earn barely 10 cents per hour - hardly a fifth of what is considered
      necessary to support a family. Some workers have to work 13 hours per day, six days per week for a total of nearly 80 hours per
      week, just to make ends meet.

      After a report by CFIE (Le Centre Fran├žais d'Information sur les Entreprises, a French organization that reports on the social
      responsibility of French companies) revealed these abuses, an international coalition of unionists and labor rights supporters
      demanded that PPR work with suppliers to remedy these conditions. But despite explicit appeals that the company not cancel orders
      from these factories, PPR is attempting to run away from the bad publicity by cutting-and-running from their supply factories.

      In June, Retail Week magazine reported PPR Chief Executive Officer, Serge Weinberg saying, "Following the allegations, PPR had
      re-contacted the companies and ceased to trade with them." Rather than helping end to the illegal and abusive conditions faced by
      the workers who made its products, PPR is now trying to punish workers who told the truth about their working conditions!

      Trade unions and worker rights activists around the world are demanding that PPR take responsibility for ending union-busting and
      sweatshop abuses at its suppliers and subsidiaries.

      Instead of running away from its problems, PPR needs to recognize engage in good faith dialogue with trade unions and other labor
      rights advocates to fix the violations that have been reported and to adopt effective global standards and mechanisms to ensure
      basic rights and decent conditions for its workers worldwide.

      **ACT NOW - IT'S EASY! Just click on the link below and fill out the information on the form that appears. Add a subject line to
      the letter in the space provided, and your fax will automatically be sent to the company.

      Tell PPR to: Stop Sweatshops, Stop Union-Busting, Don't Cut-and Run! Demand that PPR respect workers rights at Brylane and around
      the world.

      To send a message to Brylane/PPR executives go to: http://www.unionvoice.org/campaign/brylaneppr
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