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FNS: PAN Declares Victory in Cd. Juá rez Mayoral Elections

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    FNS: PAN Declares Victory in Cd. Juárez Mayoral Elections Date: 5/13/02 9:46:44 AM Pacific Daylight Time From: frontera@nmsu.edu (Frontera) Despite a ten
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      FNS: PAN Declares Victory in Cd. Juárez Mayoral Elections
      Date: 5/13/02 9:46:44 AM Pacific Daylight Time
      From: frontera@... (Frontera)

      Despite a ten point lead in pre-election polls, the PAN's Ciudad Juárez
      mayoral candidate, Jesús Alfredo Delgado, claimed victory in Sunday's
      election with just a 2,365 vote lead.

      Earlier in the day, the State Electoral Institute's preliminary results
      program had given the PAN a four point lead in the election with 66% of
      the votes counted. This lead diminished through the evening and there
      were still 25 voting stations that had not been counted when Delgado
      announced his victory.

      Roberto Barraza Jordán, a member of the PRI and the Alianza Unidos por
      Juárez's mayoral candidate, said Monday morning that, according to its
      figures, the Alianza had a 1,000 vote lead in the election and would
      ultimately triumph in the election.

      Barraza said the Alianza will examine every vote cast in the election
      and is particularly worried about the number of votes which were
      annulled for irregularities. Barraza said that the number of annulled
      votes was higher than the number of votes received by smaller Cd. Juárez
      parties like the PRD (Partido de la Revolución Democrática) and the PAS
      (Partido Alianza Social).

      In July, 2001, the PAN's Delgado won that party's fourth consecutive
      victory in Cd. Juárez. However, on August 21, 2001, the Tribunal Estatal
      Electoral (State Election Tribunal, TEE) annulled the election. Four of
      the main reasons given for the TEE's decision were last-minute changes
      in voting-station personnel, last-minute changes to the PAN's list of
      city-council candidates, alleged campaigning by PAN Cd. Juárez Mayor
      Gustavo Elizondo and other city officials and alleged campaigning by
      Elizondo after the close of the campaign period in the last few days
      before the election.

      After the annulment of last year's election, the PRI-controlled,
      Chihuahua Congress appointed a PRI interim mayor, José Reyes Ferriz.

      On Sunday, May 12, after having declared victory once again in Cd.
      Juárez, Delgado and PAN officials said that they would hold on to the
      mayor's office this time.

      According to the Cd. Juárez newspaper El Diario, only 36% of registered
      voters went to the polls on Sunday. Out of a total of 815,578 possible
      voters, only 283,739 people voted in the election.

      Source: El Diario, May 3 & 13, 2002. Articles by Pedro Torres, Miguel A.
      Chávez, Horacio Carrasco Soto, Juan Manuel Cruz & Rocío Gallegos.

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