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March 10-11 Taco bell Actions in Los Angeles/Irvine, please come!

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  • SIUHIN@aol.com
    March 10-11 Taco bell Actions in Los Angeles/Irvine, Please come!! *Living wage for immigrant workers! No immigrant bashing! Support farm workers rights!**
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 7, 2002
      March 10-11 Taco bell Actions in Los Angeles/Irvine, Please come!!

      *Living wage for immigrant workers! No immigrant bashing! Support farm
      workers' rights!**
      ***Would you be willing to pay 1/4 of 1 penny more for your Taco Bell's
      chalupa if it meant that Florida and California farmworkers who pick tomatoes
      and other farm products for Taco Bell and other restaurants could earn a
      living wage?**

      Here's the Schedule for the March 10-11(sunday-Monday) Taco Bell Actions at

      1) March 9: 7:00 PM - Welcome Receptions for Taco Bell Farm workers and Truth
      Tour Caravan from Florida, Kick of for 2-days LA/Irvine Taco Bell Actions!
      2) March 10: 9:00 AM -3:30 PM - Rise Up 2002 Conference, UCLA, Los Angeles
      3) March 10: 4:30 PM Forever21- Protest, Santa Monica
      4) March 11: 9:00 AM-5:00 PM - Perceful protest at Taco bell Headquarters,
      Irvine, CA

      ***For more information, please call: (213)353-1333 (x244), of call ActionLA
      hotline: (626)695-3405, or e-mail: interfaitha@...
      Or please visit webpage: www.ciw-online.org
      please join NoTacoBell listserv, please send e-mail to:

      Here's the detail information:
      1) March 9: 7:00 PM - Welcome Receptions for Taco Bell Farm workers and Truth
      Tour Caravan from Florida
      Contact: interfaitha@... (Damara Luce)
      Tel: (941)839-3970

      CARECEN (2845 W. 7th St, 1/2 block West of Hoover and 7th) this Saturday
      evening at 7:00 PM to... GIVE A WARM L.A. WELCOME TO THE 70 FLORIDA

      We are due to arrive at 7:30 PM and it would be wonderful to have some of you
      there beforehand to put up some banners/art work and welcome the workers as
      they arrive for dinner.

      We are still in the process of trying to get some live music (Mariachi) to
      add to the mix.
      2)Sunday, March 10: Rise Up 2002 Conference, UCLA, Los Angeles
      Contact: mnuncio@... (Marissa Nuncio)
      Tel: (213)748-5866
      Conference Schedule (tentative)

      Set Up for Workshop Leaders and Tabling (Perloff Quad/ Dickson Plaza) 8 -9am

      Registration (in Perloff Quad/ Dickson Plaza) 9-10am
      * Registration
      * Tabling

      Plenary (Perloff Quad/ Dickson Plaza) 10-11am
      * Welcome by conveners - UCLA Proyecto de los Jornaleros, UCLA Conciencia
      Libre, Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles, Korean Immigrant
      Worker Advocates, Garment Worker Center, Student/Farmworker Alliance, and
      Sweatshop Watch
      * CIW - Truth Tour Report and Campaign Update
      * Communities vs. Corporations, Recent Victories!
      o PCUN
      o French McDonald's workers
      o PETA

      Break 11-11:15

      ALL DAY Workshops 11:15 - 3:30
      * Art and Revolution, Freedom Rising Dickson Plaza
      o Art and Image Making
      * Students Transforming and Resisting Corporations (STARC)
      o Anti-Racist Organizing

      Workshop Session I (Royce and Rolfe Hall**) 11:15-12:15
      * Worker Discussion
      o Content and Facilitator TBA
      * United for a Fair Economy (UFE)
      o "The Growing Divide"
      * Comite Zapatista de Los Angeles
      o Derechos, cultura y autonomia indigena en mexico: Ataques Neoliberales - El
      Plan Puebla Panama
      * Movimiento Sem Terra (MST)
      o Brazil's Landless Worker's Movement: Organizing Models, Strategies and
      International Projection
      * Onward Collective
      o Today's Media and the Struggle for Popular Power
      * Kensington Welfare Rights Union (KWRU) / Women's Economic Agenda Project
      o Economic Human Rights
      * Miami Workers Center/ POWER
      o Organizing the Working Class under Imperialism
      * POWER (SO. Cal)
      o "The Connection between the Anti War and Human
      Rights Campaigns"
      * Action LA
      o US / Mexico Border organizing
      * Food + Social Justice Project/ PETA
      o "Recognizing the Unity of Oppressions: The racial, global, labor
      environmental, ecofeminist, sexual politics of meat"
      o The Struggle is One: The Importance of Solidarity across Progressive
      * Campaign for Labor Rights
      o Labor Solidarity and Consumer Mobilizing

      Lunch (Perloff Quad/ Dickson Plaza) 12:15-1:15
      * Speakers, Music and Videos

      Workshop Session II (Royce and Rolfe Hall**) 1:15-2:15
      * United Farm Workers (UFW)
      o Pictsweet Campaign
      * United Church of Christ (UCC)
      o Organizing with Religious Congregations for Social Change.
      * Coalition for Justice in the Maquiladoras
      o "Claiming our space in the global workshop"
      * United Farm Workers (UFW)
      o "Creative Actions"
      * McDonalds Workers
      o Strike in France
      * International Socialist Organization (ISO)
      o Eyewitness from Argentina: Is Revolution on the Agenda in Latin America?
      * Humanrightstech
      o How to of Virtual Organizing
      * Midnight Special Law Collective/ Derechos Humanos
      o Know your Rights/Legal 101

      * Student/ Farmworker Alliance, United Students Against Sweatshops , Student
      Action with Farmworkers- facilitated by the Campaign for Labor Rights
      * Student Organizing 101
      * Pineros y Campesinos Unidos (PCUN), CAUSA
      * Consumer mobilizing and the NORPAC Campaign
      * KIWA, CHIRLA, GWC, CIW, Miami Worker Center, and Make the Road by Walking,
      * Community Based Worker Organizing
      * Arts in Action
      * Art Making and Skills Building
      * Theater of the Oppressed
      * Popular theater theory and practice
      * Lupita Patterson - Independent Artist
      * Speaking, Acting and Finding Alternatives

      Break 2:15-2:30

      Workshop Session III (Royce and Rolfe Hall**) 2:30-3:30
      * Alianza Indigena, Maya Vision
      o The Migration of Indigenous Peoples
      * PETA
      o Social Justice and Corporate Responsibility
      * La IndyMedia
      o Indymedia
      * Juventud Anti-Autoritaria Revolucionaria
      o Pueblos Indigenos de Mexico
      * Mexico Solidarity Network
      o Free Trade Area of the Americas
      * International Socialist Organization (ISO)
      o Organizing for Global Justice Post 9-11 : How has the war changed our
      * Global Justice Bay Area Collective
      o TBA
      * Libros RevoluciĆ³n
      o L.A.-Sweatshop Town, and The War on Immigrants

      ** Rooms to be assigned

      Directions to UCLA
      o I-10 W
      o 405 N
      o Exit Sunset, make a right
      o Right on Hilgard Ave.
      o Park at Structure 3 (paid parking - $6)
      o Disabled Parking along Dickson Court - Free Meters all day
      (After turning right on Hilgard, right on Wyton, quick left on Charles E.
      Young Drive to Dickson Court)
      ** Campus Map found at www.ucla.edu

      3) Sunday March 10: 4:30 PM Forever21- Protest, Santa Monica
      Contact: mnuncio@... (Marissa Nuncio)
      Tel: (213)748-5866

      Gather for Forever 21 Demonstration!! (Perloff Quad/ Dickson Plaza) 3:30
      Join the Forever 21 protest in Santa Monica
      4:30 PM !!!

      Directions to Forever 21 Protest at Santa Monica Place (mall)
      o I-10 W
      o Exit 5th St, make a right
      o Left on Broadway
      o Protest is at 3rd Street (Promenade) and Broadway, in front of mall
      entrance - but no parking available on Third St.
      o Parking can be found along 2nd St. or 4th St - paid parking
      =============================================================4) March 11:
      9:00 AM-5:00 PM - Peaceful Protest at Taco bell Headquarters, Irvine, CA
      Contact: Contact: interfaitha@... (Damara Luce)
      Tel: (941)839-3970 or (213)353-1333 (X244)

      8:00 AM Taco Bell Truth Tour Bus depart from LA (sign up for a free seat from
      LA to Irvine, please call Darama for more info)

      9:00 - 10:30 AM: gather at Snata Ana Memorial park (corner of Flower &
      Anahurst in Santa Ana)

      10:30 AM: March to Taco Bell HQs -south on Bristol, east on Sunflower, south
      on Main

      1:00 - 5:00 PM: Music, art, performance and real Mexican food at Taco Bell
      Heaquqarters! (17901 Von Karmana, Irvine)


      Lee Siu Hin

      Action for World Liberation Everyday!

      4167 S. Normandie Ave.,
      Los Angeles, CA 91030
      Web: www.ActionLA.org
      Tel: (323)389-4593
      e-mail: ActionLA@...

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