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FNS: A Good Day for the Women of Ciudad Juárez

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    FNS: A Good Day for the Women of Ciudad Juárez Date: 3/6/02 2:27:37 PM Pacific Standard Time From: frontera@nmsu.edu (Frontera) While the news surrounding
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      FNS: A Good Day for the Women of Ciudad Juárez
      Date: 3/6/02 2:27:37 PM Pacific Standard Time
      From: frontera@... (Frontera)

      While the news surrounding the serial killing of women in Ciudad Juárez
      has been negative for months, particularly those stories dealing with
      the death of lawyer Mario César Escobedo Anaya and the questionable
      murder cases against bus drivers Víctor García Uribe and Gustavo
      González Meza, there were some positive developments yesterday.

      State Police add more agents

      Liliana Herrera López, the new special investigator for women's murders,
      announced on March 5 that her office has received eight new agents and
      three new vehicles. This raises to twenty the number of State Police
      agents assigned to the case. Herrera's office also has five agents from
      the Ministerio Público.

      Herrera has said that she has a special interest in forming a
      relationship with NGOs that are working on women's issues. She also
      stated that solving the serial killings will take a community effort in
      which citizens will have to come forth to inform on the perpetrators of
      these crimes.

      Another rape avoided

      According to the Cd. Juárez newspaper El Diario, a sixteen-year old
      woman escaped what police thought was a sexual attack. She used a
      whistle to draw attention and get help.

      Police arrested José Antonio López Rodríguez, 23 years old, in relation
      to the case.

      This was the third case in four days in which women saved themselves
      from sexual attacks.

      Over the past month, billboards, newspapers and other media have been
      publicizing the Ponte Viva campaign which is a women's safety effort
      that includes rape prevention advice.

      Suspect arrested for murder of Casa Amiga receptionist

      Ricardo Medina Acosta has been arrested for allegedly murdering his
      wife, María Luisa Carsoli Berumen, in front of Cd. Juárez's Casa Amiga
      Rape and Abuse Crisis Center where she worked as a receptionist. Carsoli
      was stabbed to death outside Casa Amiga on December 21, 2001.

      Medina was arrested on Monday in Guadalajara while attempting to commit
      a robbery along with another man, according to El Diario.

      Elfego Bencomo López, the new assistant attorney general for Northern
      Chihuahua, said that Medina was recognized in Guadalajara because local
      law enforcement had publicized throughout the country their arrest
      warrant for him.

      Sources: El Diario, March 6, 2002. Articles by Roberto Robles &
      Alejandro Quintero.

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