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FNS: Two More Women Murdered in Cd. Juárez

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    FNS: Two More Women Murdered in Cd. Juárez Date: 1/29/02 11:46:26 AM Pacific Standard Time From: frontera@nmsu.edu (Frontera) January 29, 2002 Two More
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      FNS: Two More Women Murdered in Cd. Juárez
      Date: 1/29/02 11:46:26 AM Pacific Standard Time
      From: frontera@... (Frontera)

      January 29, 2002
      Two More Women Murdered in Cd. Juárez

      Like most of the victims of Ciudad Juárez's serial killer or killers,
      Lourdes Ivette Lucero Campos worked in a maquiladora, had long brown
      hair, was attractive and young, age 26.

      However, Lucero was also quite different from the hundreds of other
      women that have been murdered in Cd. Juárez since 1993. Lucero did not
      work on her maquiladora's production line but was instead employed as a
      nutritionist in the Motores Eléctricos kitchen.

      Unlike most of the women who disappeared either going to or from their
      bus stop on the way to work or home, Lucero disappeared with her own
      truck. Also, Lucero was married and lived with her husband while many of
      the Cd. Juárez rape-murder victims were single and lived with their
      mothers or parents.

      Perhaps because of these differences it was not surprising when after a
      few days, Lucero's death was linked to an ex-boyfriend, Daniel
      Magallanes, and not to an anonymous bus driver.

      According to a number of articles in the Cd. Juárez newspaper, El
      Diario, that quote sources within the Chihuahua Attorney General's
      Office, Lucero was allegedly murdered by her ex-boyfriend after a verbal
      argument turned violent.

      While Lucero's husband was the original suspect in the case, the
      Attorney General's Office learned about Magallanes through coworkers at
      the maquiladora. When investigators began interrogating Magallanes they
      said he gave contradictory testimony and then confessed to the crime.
      According to El Diario's sources in the Attorney General's Office,
      Magallanes began hitting Lucero with a metal tube when she would not
      give him back his hat.

      Lucero was murdered on Friday, January 18, 2002 and buried on January

      In a separate case, a woman's body was found on January 27, 2002 near
      the Cerro Bola in Ciudad Juárez, her face destroyed from damage
      inflicted by heavy rocks. The Cerro Bola is an area where the burned
      bodies of some the city's rape-murder victims have been previously
      found. However, just as in the case with Lucero, initial similarities in
      the cases proved to be false leads.

      Later identified as Merced Ramírez Morales, the 35 year old mother of
      two now orphaned children, Ramírez was not sexually attacked. The
      Attorney General's Office believes that the concealment of a robbery may
      have been the motive for the killing and that the murderer may live in
      the area.
      So far this year there have been four women murdered in Ciudad Juárez.

      Source: El Diario, January 19-29, 2002.

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