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CIW - Boycott the Bell

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  • Norma J. F. Harrison
    CIW - Boycott the BellTACO BELL TRUTH TOUR DATES AND LOCATIONS ANNOUNCED www.ciw-online.org In a cross-country caravan from Immokalee, FL, to Taco Bell s
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      CIW - Boycott the Bell

      In a cross-country caravan from Immokalee, FL, to Taco Bell's global headquarters in Irvine, CA, farmworkers, students, and activists from across the country will hit 15 major US cities between March 1 and 17 with the TRUTH about how Taco Bell profits from farmworker poverty.

      Be sure to join the caravan along the way, and don't miss the NATIONAL CONVERGENCE in Los Angeles/Irvine, CA, on March 10th and 11th, as we march on Taco Bell's corporate headquarters.

      · TAMPA, FL --Thursday, Feb. 28, 2002 SEND-OFF RALLY!                   · ATLANTA, GA--Friday, March 1                        · SOUTH BEND, IN--Saturday, March 2

      · CHICAGO, IL--Sunday, March 3       · MADISON, WI--Monday, March 4       · DENVER, CO--Wednesday, March 6     · SAN FRANCISCO, CA--Friday, March 8         · FRESNO, CA--Saturday, March 9

      · Two Day Convergence!    LOS ANGELES, Sunday, March 10 * Day of music, workshops, and ACTION!    IRVINE, Monday, March 11 * March on Taco Bell Corporate Headquarters!!
      · FLAGSTAFF, AZ--Tuesday, March 12  · ALBUQUERQUE, NM--Wed., March 13    · OKLAHOMA CITY, OK--Thurs., March 14   · LITTLE ROCK, AR--Friday, March 15   · MEMPHIS, TN--Saturday, March 16
      If you are interested in being a Truth Tour bus rider, caravan organizer, or    participant in events at a tour stop, email tour organizers at: 

      Breaking News

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      Resource Center

      Use these tools to bring the Taco Bell boycott to your own community:

      Action Alert
      a concise explanation of the boycott with contact info for TB

      Sample Press Releases
      use them as a model for your own actions at home

      E-mail Petition
      send an email to Emil (Emil Brolick, TB's CEO)

      post 'em everywhere, they really do work

      CIW Listserve
      join and stay updated on boycott


      Coalition of Immokalee Workers

      Coalition of
      Immokalee Workers

      The CIW is spear- heading the Taco Bell boycott. To learn more about the history of the Coalition, go to the
      CIW site now.

      At the CIW site, you'll find all the non-Taco Bell info on the Coalition, including recent CIW campaigns, Press Archives, Photo
      Galleries, and more!


      March 1-17, 2002

      LA protest 7/20/01

      * PLEASE NOTE: For general information regarding the Taco Bell boycott or the Taco Bell Truth Tour during the tour (March 1st - March 17th), please contact:

      The Coalition of Immokalee Workers (941-821-5481) OR (941-285-2368)
      or Interfaith Action of Southwest Florida (941- 839-3970)


      More and more every day, the tomatoes we produce in Immokalee go to supply major, multi-national corporations. Long gone are the days when small, family farmers supplied area stores and chains with locally-grown tomatoes in season. Today, huge corporate growers with multi-state operations sell tomatoes year round to even bigger corporate buyers, including fast food mega-chains like Taco Bell and Burger King. Those fast food giants receive cheap, high-quality US tomatoes, thanks to the sacrifices of thousands of hard-working Florida farmworkers who pick tomatoes at a piece rate that has remained virtually unchanged for over two decades.

      We believe that the large corporations that buy Florida tomatoes must step up to their responsibility by demanding, and obtaining, changes in the shameful pay and working conditions suffered by the men and women who pick their tomatoes.

      Why Taco Bell?
      Taco Bell is part of Tricon Global Restaurants, Inc., together with Kentucky Fried Chicken and Pizza Hut. These three major chains control more than 30,000 restaurants around the globe, forming the "world's largest restaurant system in terms of units", according to Tricon's 1999 Annual Report. Also according to that same report, Tricon's system-wide sales reached nearly $22 billion in 1999, with Taco Bell alone reporting over $5.2 billion in system wide sales that year. Tricon reported more than 1.2 billion dollars in reported operating profit in 1999.

      At the same time, according to the agricultural industry journal "The Packer", Taco Bell is a major client of the Immokalee-based Six L's Packing Co, one of the biggest tomato producers in the United States. Indeed, fresh tomatoes are a featured component of many of Taco Bell's best-selling products.

      Given the sheer volume of Immokalee tomatoes it buys to supply its worldwide operations, and given its size and economic strength, Taco Bell has the power to help bring about more modern, more equitable labor relations in Immokalee's tomato fields, and... with power comes responsibility.

      What Can Taco Bell Do?
      If Taco Bell were to express its support for dialogue with the Coalition to Six L's representatives, talks might finally have a chance. Taco Bell is an important client with a great deal of influence due to the amount of tomatoes it buys every year.

      Furthermore, if Taco Bell were to voluntarily pay just 1 cent more per pound, and the growers would agree to pass that penny along to the picker, that one penny could almost double the picking piece rate overnight.

      What You Can Do:
      Please, call, write, or fax Taco Bell today and ask them to:

      Meet with representatives of the Coalition of Immokalee Workers to discuss how Taco Bell could help bring about long-denied justice for Florida's farmworkers

      Here's where to call, write, or fax:

      Mr. Emil J. Brolick
      President and Chief Concept Officer
      Taco Bell Corp.
      17901 Von Karman
      Irvine, California 92614
      tel. (949) 863-4500
      fax (949) 863-4537

      Your calls and letters really help. Thank you for your support.


      © 2001 - Coalition of Immokalee Workers.

      The Peace & Freedom Party needs to raise its registration to 86,212 to get back on the California ballot. We are currently engaged in an expensive, protracted effort to regain the status that would then fund us all to speak out on y/our issues. Parties with ballot status get State subsidies for their electoral activities. Register with the party that speaks for you/us, wants you/us to run for office, and wants you/us to speak for us all in our communities. See our materials at our site:


      This message, so far , is for California voters, only.

      So far voters are U.S. citizens who will be at least 18 years old by the date of the next election.

      If they've had a felony conviction they can register once the sentence/parole has been completed. (We need to get the rights of all interested parties such that they ALL be able to vote.)

      The current registration form does not include Peace and Freedom Party. Where asked for your party, check "Other" and enter "Peace and Freedom" in the space provided.

      You can fill in the on-line voter registration form. It will be mailed to you for your signature by the Secretary of State's office. Be sure to sign it and send it in when you receive it in the mail.

      CA DRIVER'S LICENSE OR CA ID CARD NUMBER: No person shall be denied the right to register because of his or her failure to furnish a California driver's license or California Identification card number. (Optional)

      ADDRESS: Homeless people can register; give a detailed description of the location of their sleeping/cooking/sitting/etc. site and on the line asking to what address to send mail, give an address such as a shelter or any location that agrees to receive voter's mail.

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