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Fwd: [borderfaith] Fw: Humane Borders Newsletter January 2002

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      >From: "Robin Hoover" <rhoover@...>
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      >Subject: [borderfaith] Fw: Humane Borders Newsletter January 2002
      >Date: Mon, 7 Jan 2002 18:26:02 -0700
      >Desert Fountain
      >January 1, 2002
      >In this issue --
      >Message from Rev. Robin Hoover, Ph.D.
      >No Permit from Department of Interior
      >January Meeting Schedule
      >Report on Migrant Crossing Deaths
      >Water Station Service Trips for January and February
      >Humane Borders Mugs Still Available
      >Volunteers Pick Up Trash December 2
      >And More Trash
      >BBC Forum in Mexico City
      >Email and Address Update
      >Special Thanks to Interns
      >Message from Rev. Robin Hoover, Ph.D.
      >Three major areas of possible expansion will be discussed at our meeting on
      >Sunday, January 13, 3:00 pm, First Christian Church.
      >(1) Expanding the number of water stations. As noted in the last
      >newsletter, we have made applications to expand the number of water
      >stations. However, none of the applications have been approved. The Bureau
      >of Land Management manages the area called the Ajo Block near Why and Ajo
      >(AZ), an area where 8 migrants died during FY2001. Recently, the manager of
      >that land denied our application for a special use permit citing the fact
      >that the Department of the Interior is working on guidelines for locations
      >of water stations (see complete letter on page 2). It would be beneficial
      >for Humane Borders to be a part of the conversations going on in the
      >Department of the Interior. Additionally, we have begun new conversations
      >with the Tohono O'Odham districts and administration for water deployment
      >on the reservation. Both of these developments could lead to major
      >expansion of water stations in the deserts.
      >(2) Providing material support to the migrant shelters in Mexico. Recently,
      >several of us traveled in a BorderLinks van to Altar, Sonora. There, we met
      >with Father Rene Casteneda who has led his parish to build a migrant
      >shelter. He also is coordinating the efforts of the Archdiocese of
      >Hermosillo to provide goods and services to migrants in Aqua Prieta, Naco,
      >Nogales, and Altar. Requests have been made for Church World Service
      >blankets, for groups to begin making health kits for migrants to use in the
      >shelters, and for Fr. Rene to be provided the resources he needs for
      >keeping in contact with us through email, etc. Additionally, Humane Borders
      >received blessings from the Bishop in Hermosillo to work with migrants in
      >(3) Developing an asylum support network on both sides of the border.
      >Finally, with the closing down of the urban areas along the 1,962 mile
      >border, all migrants, including political refugees, are continuing to make
      >the very dangerous trips through the desert death trap. A percentage of the
      >border crossers should be showing up at the offices of immigration
      >attorneys and asylum programs. They are not. In addition, there is no
      >evidence that any significant numbers of refugees are finding satisfaction
      >trying to enter at ports of entry. Working with Asylum Program Southern
      >Arizona in Tucson (one of our member organizations) and with Fr. Rene
      >Castaneda in Altar, we have an opportunity to begin a public information
      >program in Mexico and a way to hold the INS accountable for what happens
      >during the expedited removal proceedings.
      >Please mark your calendar to attend this very important meeting and help
      >begin a new year with Humane Borders. -Robin
      >No Permit from the Department of the Interior
      >This letter to Rev. Robin Hoover, dated December 17, 2001, was received
      >from the Department of the Interior Bureau of Land Management in Phoenix.
      >Dear Reverend Hoover:
      >Mr. Beaumont C. McClure asked me to respond to your letter of November 7,
      >2001, in which you requested a Special Use Permit to place water stations
      >on public land administered by the Bureau of Land Management near Ajo,
      >Arizona. This office administers those public lands.
      >As you may be aware, the Department of the Interior is developing guidance
      >and directives regarding the placement of water stations on the lands it's
      >various agencies administer, and the Bureau of Land Management in Arizona
      >is working with several other Interior agencies to develop criteria for
      >water placement on lands it administers within Arizona. As of this writing,
      >that guidance and the criteria have not been completed. Therefore, we are
      >unable to issue a Special Use Permit to Humane Borders to place water
      >stations on public land near Ajo.
      >Once the guidance and other criteria are issued, we will be able to further
      >discuss implementing your endeavor, to the extent the guidance and criteria
      >allow. In the meantime, please do not hesitate to stay in contact with us.
      >Michael Taylor
      >Field Manager
      >Meeting Schedule for January 2002
      >Monthly General Meeting
      >Sunday, 13th
      >3:00pm, First Christian Church Tucson
      >Volunteer Meetings
      >Wednesdays, 9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th
      >all at 5:30pm, First Christian Church Tucson
      >Report on Migrant Crossing Deaths
      >"The Catholic Legal Immigration Network, Inc. (CLINIC) takes pride in
      >releasing its fifth report titled Chaos on the U.S.-Mexico Border: A Report
      >on Migrant Crossing Deaths, Immigrant Families and Subsistence-Level
      >Laborers. This series of reports combines case studies with legal analysis
      >and research from disparate disciplines, in an attempt to put a human face
      >on U.S. immigration and labor laws and policies. Prior CLINIC "at risk"
      >reports highlighted the problems of immigrant families, low-wage laborers,
      >detainees, and would-be citizens.
      >The new report details problems and challenges facing migrants and
      >newcomers along the U.S.-Mexico border. It does not seek to imply that
      >these problems are intractable. In fact, the persons whose stories appear
      >in these pages provide abundant cause for hope that these problems need not
      >be a permanent feature of the border region. CLINIC hopes that the report
      >will do justice to the migrants and border residents whose stories it
      >tells, and to the advocates who tirelessly serve them." Quoted from the
      >report's Letter of Introduction by Bishop Thomas G. Wenski, Auxiliary
      >Bishop of Miami, Chairman of CLINIC's Board of Directors.
      >To order your copy of the 99-page report, contact Catholic Legal
      >Immigration Network, Inc., 415 Michigan Ave, N.E., Washington, D.C., 20017.
      >Phone: 202-635-5811.
      >Water Station Trip Schedule
      >Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument
      >Jan 2 (Wed)
      >Jan 8 (Tue)
      >Jan 19 (Sat)
      >Jan 29 (Tue)
      >Feb 9 (Sat)
      >Feb 18 (Mon)
      >Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge
      >Jan 2 (Wed)
      >Jan 12 (Sat)
      >Jan 26 (Sat)
      >Feb 4 (Mon)
      >Feb 13 (Wed)
      >Feb 23 (Sat)
      >Please call 628-7753 if you or your group would like to participate in a
      >water station service trip. Because of unforeseen circumstances, the
      >schedule is subject to change, and it is advised to confirm one day prior
      >to a trip.
      >All water station service trips begin in the parking lot of First Christian
      >Church on the southwest corner of Speedway and Euclid. Volunteers may park
      >in the lot on the west side of the church away from the entrance to the
      >church building.
      >For Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument, the truck leaves the parking lot
      >promptly at 7:00am (winter schedule for Dec-Jan-Feb). The return time is
      >approximately 4:00pm. Lunches are available in Lukeville.
      >For Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge, the truck leaves the parking lot
      >promptly at 8:00am (winter schedule for Dec-Jan-Feb). The return time is
      >approximately 1:00pm.
      >The water truck can carry a driver plus five volunteers. When there are
      >more than five volunteers, we ask individuals to drive their vehicle and
      >carry other volunteers when needed. As many as five vehicles have driven on
      >some trips.
      >Not every person will be able to actually pour water into the tanks at the
      >water stations, but every person can help pick up trash within 100 yards of
      >the stations. Trash usually consists of plastic water containers, cans,
      >food wrappers, socks, jackets, toys, diapers, etc. It is common to find
      >discarded bicycles with flat tires. We found a baby stroller at one station
      >20 miles north of the border. Volunteers may want to bring gloves and wear
      >clothing suitable for walking through cactus and bushes.
      >Humane Borders Mugs Still Available
      >Thanks to all who purchased Humane Borders mugs. There are several still
      >looking for a home.
      >Mugs can be purchased for $6 at the Humane Borders Office in First
      >Christian Church, Border Links, and Church of the Good Shepherd Sahuarita.
      >If you would like mugs shipped, call 628-7753. Packaging and shipping costs
      >$4.50 for Priority Mail.
      >Volunteers Pick up Trash December 2
      >Along with other Humane Borders volunteers, Southside Presbyterian Church
      >youth minister, Brandon Wirt, with students, Sasha and Sabrina Navaro,
      >picked up and packed out trash from the east creek area within the Buenos
      >Aires National Wildlife Refuge. During the week-long trash pick up
      >activites organized by Friends of Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge,
      >120 bags of migrant trash were removed from the wilderness for the week
      >ending Dec. 2.
      >And More Trash
      >Some of the youth had such a good time picking up trash, they came back for
      >more the following week. Youth groups from Southside Presbyterian Church
      >and St. Marks Presbyterian Church filled a 30 cubic yard dumpster with
      >trash found near the Humane Borders water station located on Pima County
      >property within the Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge. Thanks to all
      >the volunteers who participated in the trash pick up project!
      >BBC Forum in Mexico City
      >James Painter, Director of Latin American News for the BBC in London,
      >invited Rev. Robin Hoover to give testimonials to an international panel
      >for a 4-hour TV special: "Derechos Humanos: La Forntera De La Dignidad" on
      >January 22 in Mexico City. Panelists for the special include: Dr. Juan
      >Hernandez, Titular de la Oficina Presidencial para la Atencion a Mexicanos
      >en el Exterior, Jose Luis Soberanes Fernandez, Presidente de la Comision
      >Nacional de Derechos Humanos, Gustavo Mohar, Negociador en Jefe para
      >Asuntos Migratorios con Estados Unidos de la Secretaria de Relaciones
      >Exteriores, Jorge Santibanez, Director del Colegio de la Frontera Norte,
      >Rodolfo Tuiran, Secretario General del Consejo Nacional de Problacion, and
      >Edgar Cortez, Director del Centro de Derechos Humanos Miguel Agustin
      >Email and Address Updates
      >The list of people who are willing to receive their newsletter by email
      >continues to grow. If you know anyone who would their email address added
      >to the list, please send a message to humaneborders@.... For
      >corrections for mailing addresses through the post office, please call
      >628-7753. Leave a voice message any time.
      >Special Thanks to Interns
      >Humane Borders continues to benefit from the volunteer time given by
      >student interns. We give gratitude to Michelle Fitzgerald, Summer Wierth,
      >and Jennifer Corrigan all from the Arizona International College, and
      >Meggin Thwing from the University of California Berkeley, for their work
      >during the fall semester 2001.
      >We welcome Laura Belous, a student at Oberlin College in Ohio. Laura will
      >be with us for the month of January.
      >Summer Wierth will be continuing her participation through the spring

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