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*8th Ann. Zapatista Uprising: E-Pressure Mexican Govt. Progressive Portal*

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  • jack brown
    This January 1st 2002 affirm the 8th Anniversary of the EZLN in part by e-jamming the Mexican Government via Progressive Portal:
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 31, 2001
      This January 1st 2002 affirm the 8th Anniversary of the EZLN in part by
      e-jamming the Mexican Government via Progressive Portal:


      Join in Estaci�n Libre's support campaign for La Red de Defensores-Chiapas
      as they continue to file complaints with the International Labor
      Organization (ILO) under Convention 169-Indigenous Tribal Rights &
      Self-Determination. La Red is filing against the Mexican Government for
      ignoring the issues of Indigenous Rights, while the Low Intensity/Dirty War
      continues in Chiapas, throughout M�xico & here on our streets.

      Take a moment to click on to the Progressive Portal website listed below to
      send an e-letter & e-fax to dozens of Mexican Consulates around the world &
      to the Mexican Federal Government, including President Vicente Fox Quesada.
      La Red de Defensores expects an ILO ruling in May 2002.

      Already more than 26,000 e-letters have been sent via Progressive Portal to
      over 50 Mexican Consulates around the world & to the Mexican Federal
      Government, including President Vicente Fox-Quesada in Mexico City. The
      26,000+ e-letters sent so far already is a Progressive Portal record.

      The 2 minutes you take to send this e-message to the Mexican Government can
      help bring justice to the Indigenous Pueblos of M�xico. Other Estaci�n Libe
      support actions for La Red de Defensores includes more hand-written
      petitions to local Mexican Consulates, a media campaign, and more.

      Tlazokamati/Gracias/Thank You,

      John Mart�nez
      Estaci�n Libre


      Progressive Portal, working with Estaci�n Libre a human-rights
      group based in Chiapas and other organizations, has launched this
      e-letter writing campaign urging the government of M�xico to abide by
      its agreements with the Zapatistas & the Zapatista Army of National
      Liberation (EZLN), to respect the rights of the indigenous peoples of
      throughout M�xico.

      *Send a letter to the Mexican President, Secretary of State,
      and numerous Consulates around the world (over 50 recipients) by
      visiting the following Progressive Portal Web page:


      This campaign is in support of the Chiapas Community Defenders'
      Network (Red de Defensores), a network of indigenous human rights
      defenders from Zapatista communities. The Network is filing three (3)
      complaints with the International Labor Organization (ILO) proving the
      Mexican Government's violation of ILO Convention 169. That Convention is an
      international agreement recognizing indigenous people's rights,

      * the right to land
      * the right to be consulted in decisions that affect them
      * the right to respect for their own institutions and customs
      * the right to manage and control their own development

      Earlier in 2001, the Mexican national congress passed a sham "indigenous
      rights" law that undermines previous agreements made by the
      government with the indigenous people of Chiapas. Our letter calls
      on President Vicente Fox-Quesada to veto this phony "reform" law, and
      instead to follow through on the "three signs" his government has
      agreed to (and falsely claims to have fulfilled) as a precondition
      for resuming negotiations with the EZLN:

      1)release all Zapatista political prisoners-9 remain imprisoned

      2)complete withdrawal of the military from 7 key bases in the conflict zone

      3) the implementation of the San Andres Accords via the Cocopa proposal

      This last point calls for adherence to agreements the Mexican
      government has previously made, in place of its present practice of
      claiming to have met the agreements without actually doing so.

      *Please visit Progressive Portal's Chiapas page now & send a letter:


      For further information, visit on Progressive Portal's Links page and click
      "Chiapas Mexico" in the left-hand column:


      We've also launched an update/discussion forum. A general
      background essay is there now. To join or read the discussion, see:


      �Corre la Voz!

      Please pass the word -- forward this announcement widely!

      Tlazokamati/Gracias/Thank You

      Estaci�n Libre & Progressive Portal

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