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ActionLA/ChangeLinks/PeaceNoWar.net Need your supports!!!

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  • SIUHIN@aol.com
    **Support Progressive Media in Los Angeles! **ActionLA: www.ActionLA.org ChangeLinks: www.change-links.org PeaceNoWar.net: www.PeaceNoWar.net **Please donate
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 17, 2001
      **Support Progressive Media in Los Angeles!
      **ActionLA: www.ActionLA.org
       ChangeLinks: www.change-links.org
       PeaceNoWar.net: www.PeaceNoWar.net
      **Please donate what you can!

      I am embarrass to ask everyone again for the help, WE ARE REALLY BROKE! For the past two months we had been ran out all donations and we are facing lots of bills--primarily phone bills, Internet host, space rental and printing costs.

      I sincerely asks folks who had been enjoying the ActionLA listsrev/webpage for the past two years, and participated with several of our campaigns, please help us finically.


      Lee Siu Hin

      **3 ways to donate:
      I)Check donations:
      All donations are tax deductible, send donations to:
      4167 S. Normandie Ave.,
      Los Angeles, CA 90030
      Tel: (323)389-4593
      e-mail: ActionLA@... or siuhin@...
      (on memo line, you can specify to donate to: ActionLA, ChangeLinks or PeaceNowar.net)

      II) Credit Card donations:
      You can donate by credit card thru our Paypal account, please visit:

      III) Equipment Donations:
      If you are living in southern California and would like to donate a good PC Pentium computer or printer (also can tax deductible), Please contact ActionLA:
      Tel: (323)389-4593, e-mail: ActionLA@... or siuhin@...

      All donations are tax deductible! if you are living in southern California area and would like to donate computer equipment (it also can be tax deductible), For more information please contact: (323)389-4593, e-mail: ActionLA@... or siuhin@...

      For more financial information about ActionLA, please visit: http://www.actionla.org/ActionLA/2000-2001.htm

      Started out as a list serve gleamed from those that attended the Democratic Party Convention Protest.  Its Web Site is: http://www.actionla.org

      It has grown since then to a general activist site for posting of actions occurring in the Los Angeles area and just had some national importance in the student led hunger strike against the war in Afghanistan.

      It has also been the springboard for a number of campaigns, including the Taco Bell labor protest, and a web site for the national efforts against the war and in opposition to the attack on civil liberties <http://www.peacenowar.org>

      We are part of the Los Angeles activist communities, and we offer our resources to help labor, immigrant, youth, environment and economic justice movements across the city and California, includes:

      S26 LA Action (Sep 26, 2000)
      FTAA/US-Mexico Border Protest (Apr 20-22, 2001)
      Tijuana Borderhack Festival (Aug 24-26, 2001)
      LA/Irvine Taco Bell Actions (Spring, 2002)
      Sep29 LA Mobilization (postponed)
      Peace No War! antiwar/peace movement

      Contact Siu Hin Lee at: SIUHIN@...

      Change-Links Monthly Newspaper:
      Is a ten year old progressive newspaper and calendar of events.  

      It distributes free copies through the Greater Los Angeles area and has been extremely influential in Los Angeles progressive activism.  It runs articles and publicizes events for labor, political, environment, cultural and community issues.  It is nonprofit and volunteer run.   
      URL: www.change-links.org
      Contact:  change-links@...  or change@...

      Lee Siu Hin      John Johnson
      ActionLA          ChangeLinks
      Action for World Liberation Everyday!

      Tel: (323)389-4593
      e-mail: ActionLA@...
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