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Fwd: [Actionla] Invitation to Participate in Global Women's Forum

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  • jack brown
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      >Subject: [Actionla] Invitation to Participate in Global Women's Forum
      >Date: Wed, 31 Oct 2001 12:18:45 EST
      >Subj: Women's GlobalNet #180: Invitation to Global Women's Forum
      >Date: 10/30/01 2:53:46 PM Pacific Standard Time
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      >IWTC� has received the following letter, addressed to all readers of the
      >IWTC Women's GlobalNet.
      >Dear Readers of IWTC Women's GlobalNet:
      >We would like to extend a special invitation to all of you to
      >participate in the upcoming Association for Women's Rights in
      >Development (AWID) Forum in Guadalajara, Mexico, 3-6 October, 2002 -
      >"Reinventing Gloablization" - designed to be the most international and
      >diverse forum yet.
      >The AWID Forum is now the largest recurring conference on gender and
      >development in the world, outside of the UN system.� It is a unique
      >opportunity for the global women's movement to assess their successes
      >and failures and forge new strategies. At the forum you will meet with
      >leading and committed gender activists, policy makers and academics.�
      >You will be part of a process that seeks to identify and address the
      >most relevant issues of the day.
      >The International Planning Committee of AWID, consisting of renowned
      >feminists from around the world, is now soliciting proposals for
      >participation at the 2002 Forum. We are also actively seeking
      >contributions from young women and men to present at the Forum, so
      >please encourage students to submit a proposal. The deadline for
      >submissions is December 31, 2001. We encourage you to visit our website
      >at: <http://www.awid.org> which has the full details on the Call for
      >Participation process, more information regarding AWID and exciting
      >submissions from our members around the world.
      >Information on the Call for Participation is available on the AWID
      >website, where there are versions in English, French and Spanish. If you
      >would like a copy of those languages for distribution, please let me
      >know. If you have any questions about our upcoming Forum, the Call for
      >Participation process or our programs in general, please do not hesitate
      >to get in touch.
      >We look forward to receiving your proposals and hope to see you in
      >Warmest regards,
      >Shareen Gokal
      >Forum Manager
      >Association for Women's Rights in Development (AWID)
      >96 Spadina Ave., Suite 401
      >Toronto, Ontario� M5V 2J6
      >tel. (1-416) 594-3773
      >fax (1-416) 594-0330
      >Email: sgokal@...
      >Website: http://www.awid.org
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