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    please alert young people and listservs: Witness for Peace & SOA Watch Announce Student Delegation to Colombia Understanding & Challenging U.S. Military Policy
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 30, 2001
      please alert young people and listservs:

      Witness for Peace & SOA Watch Announce
      Student Delegation to Colombia
      Understanding & Challenging
      U.S. Military Policy in Colombia
      January 11-21, 2002

      Colombia: In the South American country of Colombia, U.S taxpayer money is
      being used to escalate a civil war, massively displace civilians, strengthen
      a military with a horrible human rights record (and clear ties to vicious
      right-wing paramilitaries), destroy critical bio-diversity in the Amazon
      basin, and more! Colombia has endured almost four decades of brutal armed
      conflict between the national army, leftist guerrilla movements, and
      right-wing paramilitary forces. Overwhelmingly, the victims of this conflict
      have been civilians. Into this situation, the U.S. government has sent over
      $1 billion in mostly military aid, ostensibly to fight the "war on drugs."

      - 3 of every 5 unionists murdered in the world is Colombian
      - Since 1985, 2 million people have been internally displaced. 45% are
      - 75% of the conflict's victims are civilians

      This delegation is a response to calls for solidarity from Colombian labor
      organizers, environmental activists and human rights organizations, who know
      this aid package will only escalate their country?s violent conflict.

      - Meet with a wide range of experts and activists to hear
      their analysis of U.S. policy in Colombia.
      - Learn about the economic roots of Colombia?s conflict.
      - Talk with labor organizers who face violent repression for
      their work. Learn about the US companies involved.
      - Hear testimonies of displaced people, students and
      others directly affected by the conflict.
      - Travel to areas outside of Bogot´┐Ż to see first-hand the
      impact of U.S. military assistance.
      - Gather the tools and the skills you will need to work on
      changing U.S. policy when you return to your community.

      For an application and more information, contact:
      Sarah Bonia-Dobyns (303)443-8178 sbaniadobyns@...
      OR Elizabeth Miller (202)588-1471 miller@...
      This is a special delegation with space for only 20 participants.

      Please contact us immediately if you are interested. The original deadline
      of November 1st has been extended. Applications require a $100 deposit.
      All young people may apply. (Contact us with questions or problems.)

      Cost: $1180 plus airfare. This includes all meals, accommodations,
      facilitation, translation, and transportation in Colombia (including
      in-country airfare). Your fee also covers briefing materials and extensive
      training in Miami.

      Financial assistance: Don?t let the cost discourage you!! Though scholarship
      funds are limited, fundraising consultation is available. Applicants needing
      financial assistance have a very successful track record of raising the
      funds. You can do it, just call us!

      Check out www.soaw.org and www.witnessforpeace.org for information on School
      of the Americas Watch and Witness for Peace.

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