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  • benjamin ramos
    The ProLibertad Freedom Campaign is asking all our supporters to take time out to particiapte in the national letter writing call that the Alvaro Luna
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      The ProLibertad Freedom Campaign is asking all our supporters to take time
      out to particiapte in the national letter writing call that the Alvaro Luna
      Hernandez Freedom Coalition has put out!! If you want more information on
      Mexican Prisoner of War Alvaro Luna Hernandez please got to

      OCTOBER UPDATE | Over the last several weeks, Chicano
      Mexicano Prisoner of War Alvaro Luna Hernandez has been
      the target of a bogus investigation and, as a result, has
      been placed in solitary confinement as a means to silence
      him. We again must speak out on what is happening and
      defend our comrade with letters, protests and more.

      On Aug. 3, the prison "gang unit" went through Alvaro's cell
      under the auspices of investigating recent
      Mexicano-on-Mexicano stabbings in the Beto Unit. The
      political nature of this investigation should be clear by the
      fact no violence occurred on Alvaro's cellblock at all.
      Authorities, under order of the warden, were
      given authorization to search Alvaro's legal materials for "written
      contraband." This request was
      made by Sgt. William Kirk, Security Threat Gangs Coordinator.

      During that search, guards discovered a handwritten letter to
      Alvaro, asking him to pass a letter for
      peace among jailed Latinos (no groups were mentioned). Authorities
      used this "evidence" to pull
      Alvaro from his cell and transfer him to X-Wing under investigation
      for alleged affiliation with both
      the Mexican Mafia and San Antonio Tango "gangs."

      To anyone with even a slight clue, these charges are absurd and
      plainly demonstrate the fear these
      officials have of organizers like Alvaro. This Prisoner of War has
      consistently and completely denied
      all affiliations with gangs. Alvaro considers himself first and
      foremost a revolutionary, and prison
      officials want him out of general population because of his
      politics and history as a fighter for
      oppressed people. They know Alvaro is supported by many Mexicanos
      and dread any type of
      organized prisoner politicization, as Alvaro has a history of
      leading, and will do whatever it takes to
      silence him. We need to not let that happen.

      Texas prison officials have a long history of attempting to silence
      organizers by labelling them "gang
      members" because gangsters are routinely subjected to harsh
      punishment, isolation and few are
      able to defend against these attempts to discredit and demoralize
      our movements. Prisoncrats did
      the same to prisoners in the Amistad-March 31 organization and the
      Five Percent Nation in the
      1990s. Today, they are attempting to do this to Alvaro, and we must
      take action now to stop it.

      Please contact the following people to demand harassment against
      Alvaro Luna Hernandez.

      Ray Thompson, Warden
      Beto Prison
      P. O. Box 128
      Tennessee Colony, TX 75880
      Phone: (903) 928-2217

      Alfred M. Stringfellow, Chairman
      Texas Board of Criminal Justice
      P. O. Box 13084
      Austin, Texas 78711
      Phone: (512) 475-3250
      Fax: (512) 305-9398

      When you write your letters, please be polite but firm. You are
      encouraged to focus on three

      1.) Release Alvaro Luna Hernandez from solitary confinement/X-Wing
      and return him to general
      population, with all his personal and legal materials intact;

      2.) End all investigations, harassment and retaliation against
      Alvaro Luna Hernandez; and

      3.) End all official efforts to label Alvaro Luna Hernandez as a
      gang member or as being affiliated
      with gangs -- these are false allegations.

      Please write at your earliest convenience. Earlier this year, your
      support reversed retaliation against
      Alvaro. Your support is again needed. Those interested in being
      regional organizers for the campaign
      to free Alvaro are encouraged to get in touch.

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