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Fwd: Estación Libre People of Color delegation to Chiapas México

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  • jack brown
    Deadline Nov. 15 2001 People of Color Delegation to Chiapas Estación Libre Dec. 27,2001- Jan. 7,2002 As mainstream news focus on President Vicente Fox s
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      Deadline Nov. 15 2001

      People of Color Delegation to Chiapas

      Estaci�n Libre
      Dec. 27,2001- Jan. 7,2002

      As mainstream news focus on President Vicente Fox's "contributions" to peace
      in Chiapas, low-intensity war continues unabated. Military reinforcements
      are mobilizing in key positions within the conflict zone
      (and across the border in Guatemala), while unofficial police, military and
      paramilitary violence multiplies. International "development" upholds the
      principles of neoliberal economics, which relies on indigenous pacification.

      In spite of all this, Zapatista communities are continuing to resist and
      construct alternatives.

      Estaci�n Libre will hold its 12th delegation Dec. 27 through Jan. 7, to
      learn from the Zapatista movement and strategize community
      resistance. This delegation is an opportunity for people of color to see
      first hand the effects of low-intensity war in Chiapas, but more importantly
      learn from the community organizing in response to it.

      The Zapatistas are an inspiring example of possibilities, overcoming
      profound ethnic, religious and gender divisions to build a unified struggle
      that tangibly addresses community needs. Delegates will
      visit: displaced communities, a women's cooperative, as well as meet
      former Zapatista political prisoners. Presentations by indigenous
      human rights defenders and political organizations in San Cristobal de Las
      Casas, Chiapas are also included.

      Estaci�n Libre is a people of color organization based in Chiapas working to
      promote community organizing in the US and Canada inspired by the model of
      Zapatismo, which emphasizes democracy through dialogue and inclusion,
      justice through accountability, and self-determination.

      We seek to support and strengthen the struggles of Indigenous people in
      M�xico and Black, Chican@/Mexican@/Centro-American@/Latin@, Asian, Pacific
      Islander and Native Communities in the US and Canada by organizing
      delegations that allow a valuable exchange of experiences and resources
      between these struggles. We also maintain a permanent working space in San
      Cristobal de Las Casas, Chiapas for use by activists from communities of

      The cost of the delegation is $250 - 300 (depending on the number of
      delegates) which covers transportation in Chiapas, food, housing, and
      logistical needs. Participants will need to set up their own travel to
      Chiapas. If you would like to participate in this delegation, please fill
      out and return the attached application, to the e-address below, before Nov.

      If you have any questions please contact us at

      e-libre@... or 323-273-5724.

      Estaci�n Libre
      PO Box 226758
      Los Angeles, CA 90022

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