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Reminder: Support Chiapas Community Defenders/ILO-C'169 October 12 '01

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  • jack brown
    The 1st-phase of this e-mail fax letter campaign in support of The Chiapas Community Defenders Network-La Red de Defensores begins today Friday October 12
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      The 1st-phase of this e-mail fax letter campaign in support of The Chiapas
      Community Defenders Network-La Red de Defensores begins today Friday October
      12 2001.

      Please take the time to cut/paste/email or fax the sample letter below to
      your local Mexican Consulate. Please CC/copy your letter to the local
      campaign contacts below.

      This campaign will continue to develope/expand in the coming weeks as La Red
      de Defensores files 2 other cases with the International Labor Organization
      against the Mexican Government. Future campaign actions will include
      Teach-Ins Demos Petitions, and more.


      John Mart�nez
      Estaci�n Libre
      Los Angeles CalifAztlan

      -Los Angeles CA.: John-EL: 323.261.4513 down4brown68@...
      -Orange County CA.: Bethania-UCI: 949.823.9281 drjones34@...
      -Riverside CA.: Carlota-EL: eyesopen13@...
      -S.F.Bay Area CA.: Shaw San-EL: 408.255.3192 ssinmexico@...

      *Please CC a copy of your demand(s) and Consulate responses to the Contacts
      listed above*

      FIND YOUR LOCAL CONSULATE: http://www.mexoline.com/consulate.htm

      -email consulme@...
      -fax 213-389-9249

      Friday, October 12, 2001 [Name of Consul Deputy]
      Consulate General of M�xico in [City] [Address] [City, State ZIP] [Tel: ]
      [Fax: ]

      To Deputy Consul [Insert Name]:

      I am writing to express my solidarity with The Chiapas Community Defenders
      Network-La Red de Defensores in their efforts to hold the Mexican government
      accountable to Convention 169 of the International Labor Organization, to
      which M�exico became a signatory in 1990.

      As you know, ILO Convention 169 obligates state governments to recognize &
      strengthen the rights of Indigenous populations in the following respects:

      The right to land,
      The right to be consulted in decisions that affect them,
      The right to respect for their own institutions and customs, and
      The right to manage and control their own development

      I support Indigenous Rights and believe in Indigenous Peoples'
      entitlement, as human beings, to live on their ancestral lands and
      exercise Self-Determination.

      I demand that the Mexican Government complies immediately with the "three
      signs" in order to re-open dialogue with the EZLN.
      President Vicente Fox has claimed to follow through on these signs:

      1) the release of all Zapatista political prisoners,
      2) the complete withdrawal of the military from 7 key bases in the conflict
      zone, and
      3) the implementation of the San Andres Accords through the Cocopa proposal.

      However, I am aware that 1) 9 Zapatista political prisoners remain
      incarcerated in Chiapas, Tabasco and Quer�taro; 2) 3 former military bases
      remain under government control without the consent of neighboring
      communities; and 3) the recently signed Reform on Indigenous Rights and
      Culture has been rejected by scores of indigenous groups across the
      nation. This rejection stems from the Reform's failure to recognize
      Indigenous representatives and governing structures while subordinating
      control of land, use, and benefits to national private property law.

      Furthermore, I know that during the months of April through July alone,
      more that 104 military movements took place in Chiapas. While 7
      checkpoints were withdrawn (according to official announcements), 12
      additional checkpoints have been installed. As the Chiapas Community
      Defenders Network-La Red de Defensores files their complaints
      against the Mexican government, I demand that justice be done.

      [name] [address-optional]

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