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Sept 29 Justice Mobilization Postponed In Los Angeles

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    [There is some confusion about whether or not the September 29 Justice Mobilization Coalition is having its march and rally in downtown Los Angeles on
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 19, 2001
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      [There is some confusion about whether or not the September 29 Justice
      Mobilization Coalition is having its march and rally in downtown Los Angeles
      on September 29, 2001. This is a definitive statement that the convening
      organizations have postponed. The Los Angeles County Federation of Labor,
      CARECEN, CHIRLA, Sweatshop Watch, the Garment Workers Center, CISPES, and
      scores of other endorsers have withdrawn support for any action in the
      downtown area which uses "S29" as their name. We wish any and all activists
      well who are mobilizing downtown---or any place in Southern California---on
      September 29 and hope their events are successful. This statement, issued
      by the Latin America Solidarity Conference and forty convening organizations
      will lay out the rationale for the postponement.]

      The 40 Convening Organizations of the Latin America Solidarity Conference
      which met in Chicago, Illinois in March---and which issued the national and
      international call for mass mobilizations on September 29---has announced
      that S29 has been postponed in Los Angeles, just as the mobilizations have
      been postponed in Washington, D.C., Seattle, Washington and other cities.
      In postponing S29 in Los Angeles, the convening organizations have issued
      a call for activists to join formations to:
      * Fight Against Further Loss of Innocent Lives Anywhere In The World
      * Defend the Arab and Muslim communities by working side by side with
      them in newly forming coalitions.
      * Defend Civil and Human Rights, now under blatant attack
      * Pay Tribute To The Victims of All Attacks on Civilian Populations
      and Say, "NOT ONE MORE!"
      This postponement is a strategic decision which does not mean that the
      legalization of immigrants, the defense of immigrants and workers, NO TO THE
      important now that prior to September 11. The postponement is partly due to
      our strong view that everything must be done to work for the four issues
      [with stars] above. S29 is postponed, not canceled and our original points
      of unity should be incorporated into the new anti-war formations when
      Because the political landscape changed in a dramatic way on September
      11, the convening organizations feel that activists must be "freed up" at
      this critical time to join, build and energize anti-war formations which are
      currently developing. And those activists must be free to choose which new
      formations they feel most comfortable working with around the anti-war
      Because we could not, in a principled and ethical way, simply "transfer"
      the 100 endorsements we received over ONE SET OF POINTS OF UNITY, to a new
      anti-war formation WITH DIFFERENT POINTS OF UNITY, the convening
      organizations decided a postponement of S29 is necessary at this time.
      Endorsing organizations---and organizations with activists in S29---need
      to choose the political formations where they want to do their anti-war
      work, rather than have S29's points of unity changed dramatically...with no
      input from the 100 endorsing organizations, including the Los Angeles County
      Federation of Labor, the faith-based community and others.
      The decision was made in close consultation with immigrants' rights
      groups and their views were considered carefully. Four major immigrant
      rights groups asked us to postpone S29 at this time, fearing for the safety
      of their people and the impact on their agenda of work. Immigrant rights
      groups were in the forefront of mobilizing for S29. We listened carefully
      to those voices.
      The S29 convening organizations realize that some groups have indicated
      they will move ahead with a mobilization on September 29 in downtown Los
      Angeles. Endorsers who joined the National Call and gave their endorsement
      around the original "points of unity" may be concerned about their
      endorsement now. Any Los Angeles mobilization which uses the S29 name will
      be reflecting their views and the views of their endorsers, not the 100
      listed by the convening organizations since last March.
      There has been an erosion of support for the S29 mobilization---and its
      focused points of unity---in the last week. Fear that S29 has "narrowed"
      and would be less effective now than slightly later also influenced the
      decision. The call from endorsing organizations to postpone has been
      The convening organizations regret that there have been strong political
      reactions to this decision in one city, Los Angeles, and often from groups
      which the Latin America Solidarity Conference members have worked closely
      with in the past. We hope we can get through this difficult time with a
      minimum of rancor and unpleasantness. The decision to postpone was made
      largely around the issue of how to stop a U.S. attack against civilian
      populations while, at the same time, being ethical and principled in the
      handling of the 100 endorsers and their trust in us and their trust in the
      National and International S29 Call.
      [Organizations which sent donations and/or endorsement fees and wish those
      refunded immediately should e-mail in Los Angeles to <lacispes@...> or
      let that office know if you are willing to have the funds used for the
      reactivation of the S29 project later.]

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