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4/1: 5 Things You Need to Know About the Immigration Agreement

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    5 Things You Need to Know About the Immigration Agreement and the Fight To Stop Another Guest Workers Program _http://www.immigrantsolidarity.
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 1, 2013
      5 Things You Need to Know About the Immigration Agreement and the Fight To Stop Another "Guest Workers" Program

      Dear Friends,

      Please read this announcement from the AFL-CIO. 
      Labor leaders from the house of labor have been sitting at the table negotiating this “agreement” on behalf of American workers, most of whom are NOT under union contract!  Please note a couple of things :

      They mention in this announcement – it is an agreement in “principle” on ONE major aspect of comprehensive immigration reform, in principle only – it still has to be voted on in

      The Congress, it is not yet a done deal! This is a NEW type of guestworker program – that seeks to bring in guestworkers for service jobs now being done by the very undocumented

      Workers that will soon be legalized – what happens to their job opportunities once corporations have a chance to bring in – ONCE AGAIN – guest workers – I see a slew of amendments Being brought in by the corporate lobby to change this “principled” agreement and try and get a new legally exploitable labor force.  Are we, I’m including the AFL-CIO in this “we” ready to fight against this and can we win? Past experience shows me this is highly unlikely! I hope I’m wrong! I have read many commentaries and reports on this development – and this W-Visa is for non-ag, lesser-skilled, non-seasonal workers – WHAT ABOUT AGRICULTURAL GUESTWORKERS. What deals have been cut behind closed doors on behalf of  U.S. based farm workers?!

      As a member of the National Dignity  Campaign – Community to Community is opposed to any expansion of guest worker programs in all industries in comprehensive immigration reform. We believe existing programs should begin to be phased out as soon as comprehensive immigration reform is implemented. Then if necessary should be revisited after the new legalized workforce has had an opportunity to stabilize.

      Farm workers deserve an opportunity to begin building healthy sustainable careers in the food system. As long as corporate agriculture is allowed to legally bring in an exploitable workforce our food system will continue to decline and farm worker families will continue to be the lowest paid workers in the country working one of the most dangerous jobs, so consumers can eat cheap food and corporations can continue to get richer!

      Call your Congressional Representatives and tell them we in the Food Justice / Food Sovereignty Movement do not want  ANY expansion on guestworker programs and they must END the Guestworker programs in agriculture!

      For more information go to www.dignitycampaign.org    

      And while you are at it – Call Gonzalo Salvador AFL-CIO Latino and leave a message for Richard Trumka – (202)637-5033  and tell him the same thing!


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