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9/26: Support Call from a ICE detained immigrant family in Pennsylvania

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  • SIUHIN@aol.com
    Dear all: I just received a plea to help call from Linda, her husband is currently at Pike County Correctional Facility in Pennsylvania (see e-mail below).
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 25, 2012

      Dear all:


      I just received a plea to help call from Linda, her husband is currently at Pike County Correctional Facility in Pennsylvania (see e-mail below).


      If you have any questions please contact her directly:
      Tel: 484-426-0611/347-357-2034
      e-mail: linclaywood@...


      I hope you can help her family in any possible way.


      In solidarity!



      Lee Siu Hin

      National Coordinator
      National Immigrant Solidarity Network http://www.ImmigrantSolidarity.org
      Action LA Network http://www.ActionLA.org
      Peace NO War Network http://www.PeaceNOWar.net
      Activist Video Service http://www.ActivistVideo.org

      New York : (212)330-8172
      Los Angeles : (213)403-0131
      Washington D.C. : (202)595-8990
      Chicago : (773)942-2268



      My husband is detained





      This is in reference to my husband Stanley Moriah Alein #070647988, who is detain at the Pike County Correctional Facility in Pennsylvania . My name is Linda Pinas and my daughter is Precious Pinas. I am legal residents and Precious is a United States Citizen. Stanley Moriah is my husband and stepfather to Precious. We have been married on May 5, 2009 and by him being detain is causing financial and psychological for me and my daughter.

      At this time he is the sole breadwinner in the family and pays all the bills including our monthly rent for $1500, Precious school tuition of $250 a month and other living expenses. Every day that he is in detention moved me and my daughter to homelessness. With the high unemployment rate there are not too many resources out there to help me and my daughter. He travels a total of two hours back and forth five days a week to New York to work as a Fire Safety Director just to make sure his family is provided for. When he was laid off in 2010, he went on unemployment and went back to school at Lehigh Carbon Community College , working on his degree in Aviation Science. He made the Dean’s list his first semester with a 3.5 GPA. He received clearance from the FAA and took his Private Pilot Certification. Right now he is working on his ATP/ADX test which is equivalent to the Airline Commercial Captain test. He is striving for a better life for his family, because he put God and his family first before himself. He believes that with hard work and doing your fare share you can make it. He also belief in work and pray and you can accomplish great things. He participates in church activities and helped me to serve the community diner during thanksgiving in 2011. I am a full time student at Liberty University and I am not employed at the moment and I attend to my daughter that is going through a difficult age at this time.

      Psychologically this will have a deep impact on me and my daughter, because he is the only person that stands up for her and teach her life lessons. He is a role model to her and teaches her to overcome stage fright during her pageant event. When he was detained on that early morning he was walking her to school for he prefer to do so when he is not traveling early to New York. It was devastating to her to witness him being place in handcuff. She went to school crying and had to talk to the school counselor. Stanley is part of the third strength cord that is keeping our life together. If one part of the cord is missing there can’t be joy, happy, health, sanity and peace. We made our vow before God and God knows him for who he truly is. I plea to you that you can help us to write letters to the ICE officer David Clark to have him release. I have written letter and submit his college transcript and they still refuse to let him go. I have spoken to the local media and they promise to help, but every day that he remains in detention brings us closer to homelessness. Please help us.

      Linda and Precious Pinas 484-426-0611/347-357-2034

      e-mail: linclaywood@...




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