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Lee Siu Hin: Sad News from My Family (Journey to My Home--China 2012)

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    Lee Siu Hin: Sad News from My Family--Passing of My Sister-In-Law Journey to My Home--China 2012 Dear all: Good morning from Hong Kong, China..middle of my
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 1, 2012

      Lee Siu Hin: Sad News from My Family--Passing of My Sister-In-Law

      Journey to My Home--China 2012



      Dear all:



      Good morning from Hong Kong , China ..middle of my critical China-US bi-national solidarity working trip.


      In a very note again, my sister-in-law passed away from her longer suffer cancer yesterday morning. I was in the critical stage of the peace and justice work in Beijing when my family told me she's into the coma last week, I need cut short my stay in Beijing and quickly flying back to Hong Kong yesterday--I arrived to the home late afternoon, I missed half day without able to see her one last time.


      This is the second losses in my family for the past two weeks--first, my father, then my sister-in-law, I didn't had chance to see them last time because I was working at the critical peace and justice works.


      I was talking to my friend last night, you need to pay huge personal price and painful sacrifice to achieve a meaningful goal, my mom is now reminding me that I'll be regard rest of my life--with the US/NATO/Arab oil kings' war drum against Syria are getting very close, the Chinese pro-US/right-wing forces are rising and undermining against our country just like Tea Party in the US. The injustice in the US are getting worse. I want to take a rest, but I can't.


      While it's sad for my father and sister-in-law's death, but injustice never sleeps, I cannot stop my work--the war and injustice continue around the World, the steady rise of China's pro-US right-wingers are influencing our country, US war on Iraq, Afghanistan; the US-NATO-Middle East-Arab Union invasion and destruction against Lybia; the war drum against Iran, Syria, North Korea;, and CIA/NED political/covert actions undermine against many other countries in South America, middle east and the Africa...NOT UNTIL wars in Africa, south America, Asia, Iraq, Palestine & Korea with sweatshops in Asia as well as in Los Angeles, New York; international arm sales and WTO, FTAA, NAFTA & CAFTA with AIDS, hunger, child labors and child solider; multinational corporations and economic exploitation with racism, PARTRIOTIC Act, NDAA and poverty, the greedy 1% at home CAN BE STOP--we win the struggle, I can finally rest.


      And it could be the best commemoration for my father, sister-in-law, grandparents and many other friends, comerades now in heaven.




      Lee Siu Hin

      National Coordinator
      National Immigrant Solidarity Network http://www.ImmigrantSolidarity.org
      Action LA Network http://www.ActionLA.org
      Peace NO War Network http://www.PeaceNOWar.net
      Activist Video Service http://www.ActivistVideo.org

      New York: (212)330-8172
      Los Angeles: (213)403-0131
      Washington D.C.: (202)595-8990
      Chicago: (773)942-2268



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