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9 Years.. (By: Fernando Suarez del Solar)

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    9 Years.. March 27 2012, today 9 years ago that my son Jesus Alberto falls mortally wounded in a distant land, Iraq, during the American invasion, on the
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      9 Years..

      March 27 2012, today 9 years ago that my son Jesus Alberto falls mortally wounded in a distant land, Iraq, during the American invasion, on the pretext that it had weapons of mass destruction, which, it was later revealed that it was a lie then nefarious president George W. Bush.


      There have happened already 9 years of this so big loss for me, since not only I lost a son who loved, but also I lost an entire family, my marriage dissolved, several members of the family stopped speaking to me, as well as supposed friends, the wife of my son denied the right to see my grandson, since according to them, I started making a profit with the loss of my son, since my continuous you travel about the world to take the history on Jesús's death, speak on the pernicious thing that turns out to be the military recruiting in the North American schools, he makes to think to those persons that I was generating immense economic income, thing for others false.


      But in these 9 years also I am reconnected with my daughters, I met this beautiful woman that today is my wife and that it loves me and supports my work seek justice, also I found wonderful people that today I can't call FRIENDS, in capital letters, who volunteer to help, and offer to their hearts and hands of support, but in this way also I found people who bad are called activists and were that but that, is people who take advantage the moment to try to manipulate to one for their political agendas, I knew to move away in time of  them, and today only I have on my side those true activists that fight for social justice, in favor of the migrants, fight for access to  education and have real respect for human beings, I can count them as valuable friends, and are far removed from political and/or economic agendas.


      In this arduous road that I undertook since the day of the loss of Jesus, I found young soldiers that realized the serious error that signified to obey orders of a malicious commander-in-chief, and they decided to be declared conscientious objectors and not to participate in the massacre against a town of Iraq, those youths are as my adopted children, and I feel pride of each one of them, they are  fundamental part of my new family, thanks to them many youths continued their example and nowadays we have to hundreds of young ex-soldiers in the schools drawing a new future for them and for their country.


      Today 27 of March of the 2012, the American troops withdrew from Iraq, remaining a small quantity of military troops (according to the pentagon), apparently the war in Iraq is finish, but they had to be sacrificed but of 4800 lives of women and men in uniform with the American flag, but of thousands and thousands of human beings have died in Iraq because of that damn tenant  at the white house, the unhinged of George W. Bush, but the deaths continue in Afghanistan and does not seem that this will ever stop, since possibly tomorrow the field of battle be Iran, or any other country that does not think like current tenant of the white house or is not a partner in the economic interests of 1% of North American.


       Today I want to approach you, with my heart in the hand, to ask for your support, is it not human nature to make changes in life for the future of our children, thus, I ask support to be able to leave that generation that has barely begun to awake to a country with real values of humanism, of tolerance, of respect for difference, a country of real opportunities of education and work. Yet day by day the government this making cuts in education and basic social services, the career politicians and their parties race toward the next election in November are setting the spark with their fiery speeches with emotional patriotism but in them they disguise their racism, a hatred against the Latin Americans, against or anyone that is not white or share the same religious beliefs, I ask that we unite in a fight, in a fight by for an extensive education of quality and accessible to all, I know that there is themes that interest them a lot, like the fight of the Dream Act, the to stop the deportations and family separations, to stop the points of review in our neighborhoods, to achieve in California driver's license for all, so none are asked to produce documents. There are very important subjects, nowadays that absorbs the attention of different activist groups, but I ask them, what does it serve to win those fights, if at the end of the road leads to no schools for anyone, only for the members of the 1%?  The unique thing is that our youths will be forced to enter into an active duty concealed in unreal benefits and that utilize them as cannon fodder in the invading wars of USA and finish dead like my son or disturbed as the sergeant that carried out the killing of innocent in that village of Afghanistan.

      We fight together because the weapons of our youths will be books and their headquarters the schools to achieve a better world.



      Fernando Suarez del Solar


      English version by - Daniel Shea

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