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3/23: Sign Letter to Protect Young Farmworkers

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    From our friends at the Association of Farmworker Opportunity Programs: Sign _Letter_
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 23, 2012

      Coalition on Human Needs

      From our friends at the Association of Farmworker Opportunity Programs:

      Sign Letter to Protect Young Farmworkers
      To sign, email flores@... - see more information below

      The Child Labor Coalition, of which we are a member, has been advocating for the changes that Secretary Solis has made in the proposed rules on hazardous orders in agriculture ever since the National Institute for Occupational Health and Safety (NIOSH) recommended these changes. That was over ten years ago, and the previous Administration refused to follow those recommendations.

      Now, Secretary Solis is under heavy attack by mostly Republican members of the House and Senate for suggesting that farmworker youth need better protection.  Here are the facts:

      Essentially, as the letter explains, these rules would prevent young farmworkers under the age of 16 from performing especially hazardous work—work that has made farmwork the most lethal industry in the country for America’s working youth. The rules do nothing to prevent children of farmers performing whatever work their parents wish them to perform. It also does not cover small farms that periodically employ just a few workers. It does protect the thousands and thousands of migrant farmworker youth from the most dangerous work activities that they are often required to do.  These rules will not change the fact that children as young as 12 will still be legally permitted to perform most kinds of farmwork at any time, for as long as is needed, outside of school hours. Contrary to the American Farm Bureau Federation’s representations, the rules do not interfere with family farming nor with the ability of children to participate in 4-H or FFA activities.

      If an organization can sign on to this, they should do so by notifying Norma Flores Lopez, Director of AFOP’s Children in the Fields Campaign, at her email address: flores@.... There is no need to download and sign the letter, just to notify us that the organization wishes to sign on. We now have about 75 organizations signed on, and we are hoping to get at least 200 before we transmit the letter. Deadline is Friday, April 6.


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