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Lee Siu Hin: Happy New Year 2012 Solidarity Message from US-China Working Trip!

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    Lee Siu Hin: Happy New Year 2012 Solidarity Message from US-China Working Trip! Dear all: Greeting from Tianjin, China, the major commercial port city east of
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 2, 2012
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      Lee Siu Hin: Happy New Year 2012 Solidarity Message from US-China Working Trip!
      Dear all:
      Greeting from Tianjin, China, the major commercial port city east of Beijing, at my middle of China-U.S. solidarity working trip. (For more information about the city: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tianjin)
      (The famous Tianjin Xikai Catholic Church in the city center) 
      For the past few weeks I had been staying with my family, because my father had a very serious medical emergency, he's currently in the intense care unity (ICU)...he is slowly recovering but need to stay in the hospital few more months for medical observation, surgery and recovery. 
      (Tianjin Hexi Public Hospital, where my father is stay)
      Last year I had busy working traveling between China and US to build bi-national activist solidarity and justice movements. Our office in the Wuxi has been open, we had many networking opportunities meeting with many activists, youth, academia, government officials from different areas at across China.
      There's many success as well as difficulties, while I am Chinese speaks Mandarin fluently, yet they still looking me as "foreigner" giving me different types of assumption (as well as unnecessary social privileges), I always need hide my overseas status, to be very humble in order to overcome our communication differences and distrust.
      Yet, I also aware that the surging of the neo-liberal/anti-communist/pro-capitalist/pro-US/pro-imperialist Chinese right wings, their rhetoric are more then Fox News and pretend to be more US experts then American and me. Therefore; I need to stand firm to counter against them.
      (A new year's eve hot pot dinner with my family at Tianjin)
      Lat year, The World had been seeing many historical moments--The so-called "Arab Spring" around middle east and North Africa toppled many US-backed dictators; the alleged US killing of Osama bin Laden; the NATO war against Libya and the killing of Muammar Qadaafi; US "ending" the war and occupation in Iraq;  the Occupied Wall Street Movements...our struggles never ends.
      While celebrating a new year and making a new year wishes I need to encourage everyone continue to fight against injustice, end the war and occupation, end hunger, peace and love for every one...that's the reason I travel everyone travel across the World to build a mutually respect cross-country solidarity movements.
      Your help will to be part of this work will be highly to appreciated! That's my new year wishes!
      Happy New Year 2012!
      Lee Siu Hin

      National Coordinator
      National Immigrant Solidarity Network http://www.ImmigrantSolidarity.org
      Action LA Network http://www.ActionLA.org
      Peace NO War Network http://www.PeaceNOWar.net
      Activist Video Service http://www.ActivistVideo.org
      New York: (212)330-8172
      Los Angeles: (213)403-0131
      Washington D.C.: (202)595-8990
      Chicago: (773)942-2268

      United for Peace & Justice Admin Committee Member
      Latin America Solidarity Network Steering Committee
      Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance LA Chapter Member
      Nanjing (China) Overseas Experts Association Board Member
      Wuxi (China) 2010 (Fall) Project 530 (High-Tech) Grants Awardees
      Hong Kong IT Joint Council Member
      Hong Kong DAB Party Member
      Hong Kong FTU Union Member

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