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LA Area Taco Bell Planning Meeting Please come!!! Sep 11th

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  • SIUHIN@aol.com
    **LA Area Taco Bell Planning Meeting Please come!!! Sep 11th at LA Meeting House! **When: 7 PM Tuesday, September 11th **Where: ActionLA/LA Meeting House, 4167
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 10, 2001
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      **LA Area Taco Bell Planning Meeting Please come!!! Sep 11th at LA Meeting
      **When: 7 PM Tuesday, September 11th
      **Where: ActionLA/LA Meeting House, 4167 S. Normandie Ave., Los Angeles (just
      south of Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd.).
      **For information, please contact: (323)291-2475

      Hi everyone:

      It's just less then two weeks left from the Taco Bell caravan and LA/Irvine
      protests on September 23-24. Please come to the meeting and help to organize!

      Also, we still looking volunteers for the following tasks:
      - Welcoming Crew: Crew of at least 4-5 people at Dolores Mission for
      check-in/welcome 1-2 people to spend night at each site (at least 1 bilingual
      per site).
      - Setup crew for the September 24th protest at Los Angeles.
      - Kitchen crew: need folks to help Food Not Bombs to prepare food.
      - Phone Banking Help needed for community groups/unions.
      Monday Sept 10 : @CHIRLA 10 AM - 5 PM
      Tuesday Sept 11: @CHIRLA 10 AM - 2 PM
      CHIRLA address: 1521 Wilshire Blvd. Los Angeles
      - Medical team members
      - DJ for the sound truck

      See you Tuesday night!

      Lee Siu Hin


      Press Release
      August, 28, 2001


      * Lucas Benitez or Romeo Ramirez, Coalition of Immokalee Workers:
      (941)657-8311 or (941) 821-5481
      * Brian Payne, Student/Farmworker Alliance: (941) 867-9160
      * Los Angeles/Irvine Action, Brian Montes: (213)380-3929;
      * LA Media/Info Line: (323)291-2475
      * LA Taco Bell Welcome Center (Sep 23-25): 4167 S. Normandie Ave., Los
      * FOR MORE INFORMATION: http://www.ciw-online.org/

      IMMOKALEE, FL -- Beginning on September 13, 2001, a caravan of migrant
      workers, college students and activists will embark on a ten-city,
      cross-country bus tour to raise awareness about the National Taco Bell
      Boycott and the sweatshop conditions faced by migrant farmworkers in
      America's fields. The tour will culminate with demonstrations in Los
      Angeles, California on September 23 and at Taco Bell corporate headquarters
      in Irvine, CA on September 24, confirmed speakers include Tonm Morello from
      "Rage Against the Machine". The tour comes on the heels of five months of
      protests at Taco Bell restaurants across the country, with nearly 100 actions
      in states including Alabama, Tennessee, Wisconsin, and Indiana.

      In each city along the "Taco Bell Truth Tour", the workers will be welcomed
      by community activists and will participate in teach-ins, demonstrations in
      front of local Taco Bells, and major community rallies. The tour, and in
      particular the LA and Irvine protests, will be the first major public actions
      to cast light on the multi-billion dollar fast food industry's ties to the
      sweatshop-like conditions faced by farmworkers in America's fields.

      "The tomatoes Taco Bell buys for its tacos and Chalupa's are produced in what
      can only be described as sweatshop conditions," said Lucas Benitez of the
      Coalition of Immokalee Workers, one of the tour's organizers. "Twenty years
      of picking at sub-poverty wages, no right to overtime pay, no right to
      organize or join a union, no health insurance, no sick leave, no paid
      holidays or vacation, and no pension is a national disgrace."

      Key dates in for the cross-country "Taco Bell Truth Tour":
      September 13: Tour Kick-Off in Tampa
      September 23: Los Angeles, California
      September 24: Irvine, California, TACO BELL HEADQUARTERS
      September 28: Washington, DC (organized outside of the Truth Tour)

      Other stops and rallies on "Truth Tour":
      September 15: Atlanta, GA
      September 16: Chicago, IL
      September 17: Madison, WI
      September 19: Denver, CO
      September 21: San Francisco, CA
      September 22: Fresno, CA

      HISTORY: Since 1997, tomato pickers in Immokalee, Florida's largest
      farmworker community, have been organizing for the right to join in talks
      with the state's corporate tomato growers to find ways to improve farm labor
      conditions and raise the crop picking-piece rate. Despite signature drives,
      community-wide work stoppages, marches, and a 30-day hunger strike by six
      members of the Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW) -- ultimately ended by
      the intervention of former President Jimmy Carter -- the growers continue to
      refuse to meet with farm worker representatives and have only marginally
      raised wages.

      When workers discovered that Taco Bell is a major buyer of the tomatoes they
      pick, they informed company executives in January, 2000 of the deplorable
      wages and working conditions in Florida's fields and requested a meeting to
      discuss possible solutions. To date, despite numerous pleas from workers and
      growing public pressure, Taco Bell has refused to meet with CIW

      DEMAND: Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW) is calling on Taco Bell to use
      its considerable leverage as a major buyer of Florida tomatoes to help bring
      about real changes in the wages and working conditions of the farmworkers who
      pick those tomatoes. Specifically, farmworkers are demanding that Taco Bell
      open a meaningful, three-part dialogue -- bringing together representatives
      of Taco Bell, their tomato suppliers, and representatives of the Coalition of
      Immokalee Workers -- to discuss mutually-beneficial solutions to the problems
      farmworkers face in Florida's fields.

      Possible solutions include: a proposal that Taco Bell increase the price it
      pays per pound of tomatoes by 1 cent, with the increase to be passed on, in
      whole, to the pickers. (Pickers generally receive between 1.2 - 1.5 cents per
      pound today. A penny per pound increase could nearly double pickers' wages,
      effectively making up for the decline in the real piece rate due to inflation
      since 1980.) Taco Bell, tomato industry, and worker representatives could
      also examine and draft a Code of Conduct, defining the basic wage and labor
      standards to be required of all Taco Bell tomato suppliers.

      Workers will not be satisfied until substantive dialogue with Taco Bell and
      their employers is established, and measurable progress in the area of wages
      and working conditions is made.

      Coalition of Immokalee Workers
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