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    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 31, 2001
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      >Subject: En;GX,Invitation to Biodiversity in Chiapas delegation,Aug 23
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      >Date: Thu, 23 Aug 2001 11:23:11 -0700
      >Subject: Invitation to join Global Exchange's 'State of Biodiversity in
      > Mexico' Delegation
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      >The State of Biodiversity in Mexico
      >Educational Delegation to Chiapas, Mexico
      >Dear Friend,
      >We want to invite you to join a Global Exchange delegation to learn about
      >the new threats to indigenous communities in Chiapas. Global corporations
      >are eager to exploit the biodiversity and traditional knowledge of the
      >indigenous people and local communities of Chiapas. We will explore these
      >threats and learn what civil society organizations and indigenous
      >communities are doing to defend their resources and create economic
      >For five centuries the indigenous populations of Southeast Mexico have been
      >victims of cultural and economic oppression and marginalization. In recent
      >decades internal displacement, low-intensity warfare and environmental
      >degradation have accelerated in the wake of Mexico joining the North
      >Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) in 1994. Calling the treaty a death
      >sentence for indigenous people in Chiapas, the Zapatista Army of National
      >Liberation rose up to demand political, economic and social changes for all
      >Mexicans. The rebellion led to twelve days of fighting and then years of
      >armed truce and broken promises by three Mexican presidents.
      >During the last seven years the indigenous communities have suffered the
      >consequences of conflict and militarization. Now, even while the conflict
      >continues, Chiapas has become a target for multinational corporations
      >seeking to capitalize on the traditional knowledge of the indigenous
      >and pristine biological resources. Mexico is listed in the top 5 of
      >�mega-diverse� countries, meaning there is exceptional cultural and
      >biological diversity found throughout. The state of Chiapas is one of the
      >most biologically varied places on earth. The Lacandon jungle covers the
      >east portion of the state and is second only to the Amazon River Basin in
      >number and diversity of flora and fauna species.
      >The delegation: The delegation will offer participants contact with
      >grassroots organizations and communities directly affected by this new
      >threat to their environment and traditional knowledge. To begin, our
      >on-the-ground staff will give an extensive orientation and background
      >information session to initiate those less familiar with the topic. Then
      >meetings will be organized with several local organizations which focus on
      >supporting communities develop alternatives to the economic and human
      >crisis in the region such as CIEPAC (the Center for Economic Research and
      >Popular Political Action in Chiapas, OMIECH (Organization of Traditional
      >Indigenous Healers of Chiapas), Enlace Civil, Desmi (Organization for the
      >Economic and Social Development of Indigenous Mexicans), local coffee
      >cooperatives, and international and national specialists working in the
      >The speakers will cover biopiracy, genetically modified organisms, the Plan
      >Puebla Panama, biological warfare, plantations, deforestation,
      >mega-projects, coffee, Free Trade Agreements, indigenous rights and the San
      >Andre's Accords, Intellectual Property Rights, land reform and World Bank
      >projects effecting the area such as the Mesoamerican Biological Corridor.
      >We will visit several communities outside San Cristo'bal de las Casas
      >(according to possibility) for overnight trips:
      >The Northern Zone, where the Grupo Pulsar is responsible for large
      >eucalyptus and African Palm plantations.
      >The eastern community of Taniperlas, close to Montes Azules and the world
      >famous Grupo Pulsar/SEMARNAT/Conservation International Bioresearch
      >to hear the community�s perspective of the site.
      >The community of Cancuc, which is a key spot for community resistance
      >against biopiracy, hydro dams and highways.
      >The region of Marques de Comillas, where PEMEX has established several
      >for petroleum drilling and illegal trafficking of endangered species is
      >We will also attempt to meet with representatives of the state level
      >coalition government and the Secretary of Natural Resources and Environment
      >Trip participants will be encouraged to actively participate in the
      >discussions, sharing their knowledge on the issues and translation will be
      >provided at all meetings for members of the delegation (as required).
      >Global Exchange has maintained a presence in Chiapas at the request of
      >indigenous communities and human rights organizations since 1995. During
      >that time we have led over 35 educational, fact-finding and election
      >delegations in Mexico.
      >Dates: 2-9 December 2001
      >The delegation will begin from our office in San Cristo'bal de Las Casas on
      >December 2, 2001. We will arrange transportation from Tuxtla to San
      >Cristo'bal. Return flights/buses should be booked to leave San Cristo'bal
      >Tuxtla on the afternoon of December 9.
      >Cost: $550.00
      >Cost for the delegation includes all transportation from Tuxtla Gutierrez,
      >accommodation, meals, facilitation of meetings, translation, and reading
      >material in advance.
      >Please fill out the application below and send it in with a deposit of
      >$150.00 (payable to Global Exchange Mexico Program). Upon acceptance, the
      >balance will be payable by November 9, 2001. Please note we will have to
      >confirm a minimum of 7 people before October 15 and deposits will be non
      >refundable after this. We will accept a maximum of 15 participants.
      >If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Carleen by
      >calling (415) 255 7296 ext. 239 or emailing carleen@.... We
      >hope you can join and look forward to hearing from you.
      >Ted Lewis Carleen Pickard Ryan Zinn
      >Human Rights Director Mexico Program Coordinator Mexico Program, Chiapas
      >Please send a letter (Global Exchange Mexico Program, 2017 Mission St. San
      >Francisco, CA, USA, 94110) or email (mexico@...) responding
      >to the following:
      >Phone number:
      >Best time to contact:
      >At what level do you consider your speaking/written/understanding level of
      >Spanish (if any)?
      >Why do you want to go on this delegation?
      >Please state the ways in which your work or studies relate to the issues or
      >themes pertaining to this delegation.
      >What do you expect to gain from this delegation?
      >How will you share your learning experience when you return home?
      >Global Exchange http://www.globalexchange.org
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